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9/8/2005 2:38 pm

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My thoughts on the aftermath of katrina is split.

1. Local and State officials are at the beginning of the blame on lack of preparedness of the city for any hurricane's above level 3, because the levey's when built were only designed to handle up to level 3.. not lev 4 after it was downgraded from 5 when it came near shore. The city, knowing it was below sea level, knew of the risks and the costs of gambles they were taking by staying behind and not evacuating when told to.

2. I DO feel bad for the people that left and are now homeless and owe 1 morgage on a home that is destroyed and they still have to pay it off if insurance didn't cover everything.

3. I feel really bad for the kids of parents who remained in the city to take their chances at the risk of their children being harmed when knowing the severe risk they were taking, I do not feel bad for the people that choose to stay in the city taht were not official workers trying to keep the city pumps and sewage systems keep working till the levey's broke.

4. The federal goverment is not to blame, yes they could have acted sooner, but it does take time to organize food,shelters,water,people, and so on to go to a state or city to help. City officals and state should have had things set up incase of this disaster because of it being below sea level they knew it would happen one day and just werent prepared.

5. People who stayed but wanted to leave, could have walked north or west at the very least to get out of harms way.. yes walking is an option.. slow but it's always an option..

I think thats about the basis of my thoughts.. this is going to take probly a decade to full recover i would guess. The city is heavily polluted with waste water and cleaning each building is impractical, and the city sadly should be bulldozed and covered and make the city over again on top of the ruins at sea level or higher. I wish more countries would have attempted to give aid, i've heard 13 have said they would give aid if needed but some were turned down. France who was demanding we give more money to the Sunami disaster hasn't given one penny as far as i have found out.. Double standard ain't it..

frogger1995 39F

9/8/2005 4:28 pm

1) the federal government actually cut spending to help beef up the levy's when State and local asked for of the problems with having a Trillion dollar debt.

2) I think we all agree with you on this

3) A lot of people stayed behind by choice, but a lot of people stayed behind because they had no choice...and no not just the people with no transportation (though telling them they should have walked is a little insensitive) there were people who were infirm and couldn't get out.

4) They are not to blame but, like you said, they could have acted sooner. If the LA national guard had been there instead of Iraq and the federal government had A FRIGGIN CLUE as to what was going on, which they admit they didn't, it wouldn't have taken them so long to mobilize. I blame them for that.

5) See # 3 above

As for the rest, there are several countries coming to our aid...It's funny that Hugo Chavez, whom the Bush administration seems intent on villanizing, has offered to help the less fortunate out with cheaper gas.


9/8/2005 4:40 pm

Katrina is an indictment of what is wrong with our country today. It has highlighted the failings of our institutions to act, both in the years before and in the present. It has highlighted our dismal social performance in education and our inability to overcome poverty. The violence and looting are symptoms of a social breakdown that inhabits all of our major cities. No one party or institution is to blame. When I was a boy we believed that every country gets the leadership it deserves. We were proud of the kind of government we had and pittied less fortunate nations. Today, Katrina exposed just how far we have come from our ideals. I hope we will learn from this disaster not simply move on. We need to reconsider the direction we have been heading.

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