Who We Are: Penis Sizes - Defined.  

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7/1/2006 9:39 am

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Who We Are: Penis Sizes - Defined.

This poll is fairly straight-forward. We use a number of words to describe or define the size of a penis: "small," "big," "hung," etc. and penises come in every shape and size. Some are big when flacid but don't change much when "erect" while others can be quite small when flacid and grow into a long, thick penis when erect. I've heard this described as a "grower" while the former is described as a "shower."
Then there is length verses width. Do women really want 15" long ? (yes, there's an ad on here asking ONLY for 15+"). I mean, do the math, at that length, a fully balls-deep penile/vaginal connection could place the head of the penis somewhere in the vicinity of the upper respiratory system!
Regarding thickness - we'll cover that in another poll to simplify the answer section.
This poll is part of several - this one will cover what you consider to be a "hung" penis only - i.e., assuming the largest that is reasonably attainable. We'll have to use other polls to define "average" and "small" because polls don't allow for multiple answers.
I'm a MAN: "Hung" is defined as NINE+ inches
I'm a MAN: "Hung" is defined as EIGHT+ inches
I'm a MAN: "Hung" is defined as SEVEN+ inches
I'm a MAN: "Hung" is defined as SIX+ inches
I'm a WOMAN: "Hung" is defined as NINE+ inches
I'm a WOMAN: "Hung" is defined as EIGHT+ inches
I'm a WOMAN: "Hung" is defined as SEVEN+ inches
I'm a WOMAN: "Hung" is defined as SIX+ inches

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7/1/2006 12:43 pm

A Difficult Poll

This is a difficult poll to conduct because we use various slang to define penis size such as "hung" or "well-endowed," etc. If a man is long but thin, is that hung but not well-endowed? What about a guy who has the width of a beer can but is 4 inches long?
Then there are the comments that people make when they see a man walking down the street (dressed with flacid penis) and say "nice package" or "he's well-hung."
I recently heard the term "He's a grower" or "He's a shower," meaning he has a small or average penis (flacid state) that erects into a large penis (grower) vs. the man who has a big flacid penis (shower) that, when erect, is not much bigger. I wonder if most men would prefer to be growers or showers? On the one hand, if someone says about you walking down the street, "you're hung" because your have a large flacid penis - is it better than having a small flacid penis that no one knows otherwise unless they found themselves with them intimately when they discover that their little or average pecker is actually something out of a porn flick?
"He has a nice package" is something I've heard women say about men from a distance. But I also wonder if they like their package because they're balls are hanging to their knees but, all bunched up in their Jockey's next to whatever size their penis is, it looks like they're walking around with a can of spam in their trousers. Does that mean that old men with those low hanging balls are every woman's dream because they've got a little "something extra" packed in those Depends?
Another observation I've made is that women (particularly, post-childbirth) prefer a thicker penis than average, but I read a lot of ads for men with a specific length or longer and I rarely see ads that specify penile girth - and that is just as variable as length. You can have a long pencil dick or a short-wide stack.
I'd appreciate comments in this section to help better guage what people prefer or refer to given all these variables when talking about a small, average or hung penis.

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