What is beauty to our senses?  

beta971 58M
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7/22/2006 12:44 am
What is beauty to our senses?

It's especially nice when you meet a lover who finds the unique things that make up the body and mind unique and sexy. I find the un-extraordinary and seemingly unremarkable things about a woman are what make her the object of my desire; to explore her and take my time doing it; letting all my senses discover those things that make her special or unique. If she has that smooth complexion that makes all of her skin an erogenous zone - for YOU. Her scent - not just the obvious - but also the scent that her body gives off without being impeded by a layer of some beauty product's idea of what's supposed to smell good. Smelling her neck, hair, hands, neck and underarms. Licking and eating her underarms. Noticing those things that seem to bother some but make up the unique signatures that maker her uniquely here; those little scars - the careless cuts from sports or cooking injuries - to the deeply meaningful ones like the C-section scar or stretch marks that are her badges of motherhood and even the rare scar on a breast that may have been a biopsy in the past. Exploring and reading the autobiography that is sculpted on your body and the soft, romantic discovery and admiration of what each of these little milestones mean to her life, struggles, triumphs, etc. Give me a uniquely or unconventionally "attractive" woman any day. Show me real breasts - whatever they look like - display what God gave you with pride - rare in a world of plastic surgery and breast augmentation - forever changing what was uniquely her and now just another machine-stamped shape that marks the current style of "perfect breasts" that will be tomorrow's big-hair 80's style when the fickle bon ton have changed the rules for new ideals of beauty tomorrow.
Your scars and imperfections are your unique milestones in your own personal journey in life. Your story told through moments of pain, fear, introspection/prayer, pride, and marching to the beat of your own drummer.
Romeo said it best, "oh, to be a glove upon that hand." Let me be be the hand that takes the journey down your body's timecapsule - and let me take my time doing it.
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bipolybabe 54F

9/23/2006 12:39 am

Just wanted to let you know that I finished "Running with Scissors" based on your recommendation and LOVED IT.

Thank you!



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