Our Sexual Orientation  

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Our Sexual Orientation

Hi - Please take a minute to take one of the two polls on sexual orientation following this post. Thanks

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I've posted two polls based on Kinsey's Heterosexual-Homosexual Rating Scale, otherwise known as the "Kinsey Scale." One for men only and one for women only. Kinsey developed this scale back in 1948.
Similar gradations of straight/bi/gay orientation are observed in our present-day culture but their exact meaning is not clear. For example, you might see an ad from a someone seeking a "bi or bi curious" partner. Another person might identify as bi or "orally bi." What does this mean exactly? Furthermore, American society seems to be more accepting of women who are "bi" than men. This may influence our willingness to disclose our "true nature" depending on whether we're male or female* and may account for why we've developed levels of "bi-ness" when we describe ourselves or what we are attracted to in others. Then there is the question of whether sexual orientation pertains only to sexual behavior or emotional feelings (or both?). If you describe yourself as bisexual - or "equally heterosexual and homosexual" on the Kinsey Scale, could you equally love a man or a woman or are you discussing only your sexual desires?

* I will develop a separate questionnaire for persons who identify as TS/TG, MtF and FtM because of the more complex variables involved.

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