First meetings  

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8/18/2005 8:08 pm

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First meetings

Meeting someone for the first time is always filled with a spectrum of feelings. Nervous expectation, excitment and detached observation all combined in a sexually charged body. Chatting with someone before you meet is sort of strange because when you connect with someone through a sex site the delicate dance of opening up to another is tossed aside, making room for raw, animalist sexuality. It is fun and liberating way to get to know someone.

Last night I met someone for the first time face-to-face. It is funny how after nasty, erotic sex chats that the first meeting still has glimmers of the masks that you wear in more conventional social interactions.

We met in a public place, visited for a little bit then headed back to my house for some more privacy. The moon was nearly full and the air was thickly humid and warm, enveloping. As soon as we were alone in the car the lust and electricity that we had built up chatting started leap back and forth between us. We got to my place and sat on the couch, talk coming easily as our hands reached out to slowly caress the other. There came a point in the conversation when it seemed that it was no longer was needed and I leaned in to kiss her lips. Our tongues met and explored each other, her tongue ring feeling totally sexy rubbing against my tongue. I grabbed her by the back of her hair and pulled back as I increased the aggressiveness of my kiss. She moaned and remained motionless as my other hand squeezed her left nipple through her velvet tanktop inducing it to hardness. I moved my hand down to her thigh as I continued to kiss her and I felt her shiver as I slid it up her skirt. Standing up and taking her hand I led her to the bedroom.

We entered and she stood facing my bed as I stood behind her, nibbling at her neck, my hands slipping under her tanktop and cupping her tits. I stepped back and gave her ass a gentle swat. She arched the small of her back letting me know that she enjoyed that type of touch so the next one had a little force on it. A ragged gasp escaped her mouth as she bent over my bed as I tugged down her skirt. It fell around her ankles as I moved my hands between her legs feeling her wetness for the first time. I love the feeling of pulling down a woman's panties for the first time and gazing upon her womanhood. It makes me feel like a teenager all over again. I spanked her several times very hard, leaving my hand prints sprinkled across her ass while I shucked off my clothes. As I moved in front of her and leaned back on the bed I grabbed her hair and roughly pulled her to her knees. Her mouth descended on my cock and one hand was on my thigh and the other gripped the base of my hardess. In one motion my dick was buried in her mouth, her chin resting on my sack. I leaned back as she proceeded to give me a fantastic blowjob. At one point I grabbed her head and forced it up and down my shaft, spit dribbling down and coating my balls. Despite the incredible I pulled my cock out of her mouth and commanded her to lean over my bed. She complied, her gorgeous, slim ass exposed to my probing and spanking. I spanked her vigorously as I unrolled a condom onto my drippping cock with the other hand. Sheathed in latex and continuing to spank her I positioned my self behind her. My cock and hand moved at the same time, my hand finding her red cheeks as my cock found her hot tight pussy. She squirmed back on my cock, threw her head back and let out a guttural cry when I was in her balls deep. I began to thrust in and out of her while telling her what a good girl she was and what a beauty she possessed. Her pussy clenched and pulled at my cock as she panted and grunted. We continued to fuck and suck that night until sweat drenched us both and we were exhausted. As I write this we are chatting about her superior cock sucking skills and my acumen at applying a ass numbing spanking.

First meeting are such fun.

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