I want........  

berrigal2 60F
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6/30/2005 11:20 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

I want........

I want to go back to school...period.

I went back to college in 1999 and have my BBA now. But I MISS SCHOOL SO BADLY!! I started out with a goal of being able to write MBA after my name. I feel incomplete at this point.

My family thinks I'm nuts to even mention it. Hubby says, "no way! Our life was a mess while you were in school!" Translation: You were not around to make things easy for me honey...lol

I guess it is a bit selfish to dream a dream like that this late in life. I am approaching 50. By the time I finished, I would be well into my 50's and who is going to hire me then?

But how do you put out the fire in the brain that wants to be stimulated and how do you just slam the door on a dream? I have yet to figure that out. Perhaps I don't wish to figure it out.

If I give up on my dream, what would keep me going? Days around here are pretty bleak at times. Doctor appts., hospital stays, etc. Keeps me on edge, but when times get really bad, I can sneak away, pull out my dream, live it in my mind for awhile and play "what if".

Don't you wish you could peek into the future for just one minute and know the decisions you are making now are right?

Okay, enough serious stuff, I'm going to bed..lol


berrigal2 60F

6/30/2005 11:22 pm

Oh, and by the way, went to WW tonight. My weight has not changed, no loss, no gain. That's okay though, the body has to adjust to sudden weight loss. I have shocked it. This past week it probably just rested a bit.

I'm still on my Journey to good health and that's all that matters.

PillsburyCodeBoy 60M

7/1/2005 4:41 am

Don't give up, Berri. You already know the best reason to go back to school: "the fire in the brain that wants to be stimulated." The only difference between you and the naysayers is that they can't see that. Don't become a naysayer yourself. NEVER GIVE UP!

In the end, whether its losing weight or going back to school, it's all one journey, and it's best approached one way: one small change at a time. With your friends there to help you.

lonlyhubby2004 50M

7/2/2005 7:30 pm

I went back to school...got a second and third degree..GO FOR IT. ( PS - OU is bringing their MBA program to the Southern Campus..check it out!)

avlicker2 54M

7/3/2005 4:18 pm

While I'm not interested in going back to school to get a degree, I am still interested in learning new things. For one, I would like to improve my writing ability - I do research and write about it for a few hobby presentations, and would prefer non-fiction not to be a thing you read before going to bed. Luckily, UCLA has extension classes that I'm hoping to start taking again once my schedule gets back to normal. By taking the extension classes, I can still learn new things but don't worry about getting all the core and electives needed for a degree.

rm_SpnshButrfly 39F
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7/5/2005 1:01 pm

I say stimulate that fire in your brain woman!
It is NEVER too late. As long as you have a dream and the drive to make it happen, don't let all those nasty, negative, little demons stop you. Just stomp 'em out as they try to stop you along your journey! Keep your eye on the prize!

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