Gonna be gone for awhile.....  

berridelicious2u 60F
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12/30/2005 9:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Gonna be gone for awhile.....

Leaving on the 3rd...be back on the 13th..hope you all have a great first of the year..and be good at it if you can't be good..lol


justwondering409 58M

12/31/2005 5:06 am

hey there. Hope you have a good trip. Take care and have a good time.

lonlyhubby2004 50M

12/31/2005 5:49 am

Have a safe trip! Gonna miss takin to ya!

rm_bigguy5910 58M
38 posts
1/1/2006 12:32 am

be carefull, and a safe and great trip..........

berridelicious2u 60F

1/1/2006 7:29 pm

I'm gonna miss all of ya! Bigguy you behave while I'm gone and don't flirt too much with all the gals...lol..or I will have to open up a whole can of whoop ass on ya when I get back....*grin*

Ahh..thanks lonly...Gonna miss you too, hope you had a great New Year!!

Thanks justwondering, I hope I will have a good time, but I have to work (training for the new job) 8 nights out of 10, so guess I will be sleeping alot!! LOL

Will see ya all when I get back....big ole Berri kisses to ya!

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