You know those photos you wanted to see? Here they are - read the entire massage BEFORE you scroll.  

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3/15/2006 12:07 am

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3/25/2006 6:11 am

You know those photos you wanted to see? Here they are - read the entire massage BEFORE you scroll.

Ladies ... there's something that I'm finding a bit disturbing. There are a lot of women who don't know about shrinkage.

For a guy, shrinkage can be summed up in one word ... BAD.

This picture is on a farily nice, 82蚌 evening ... the good thing about living in Florida - less shrinkage.

Now imagine, you want to skinny dip ... hey, it doesn't matter how cold the water is to you, because the colder the water is, the harder your nipples get ... and that's a good thing.

For a guy, it's very different. I once met a couple of beautiful women in Rhode Island. It was late March or early April and was comfortably warm. That evening, they wanted to go skinny dipping ... the water was 42蚌. I got in to my knees and stopped. My body was screaming "don't do it!" ... but the women were naked, beautiful and in the water with very hard nipples. So I did it ... I plunged into the ice cold water. Now, being from Florida, I did what any red blooded American male from Florida would do ... I screamed like a little boy and got out of the water as fast as I could. But the damage was done.

I no longer had testicles ... in the first 3 nano-seconds of my immersion, my testicles moved upward so fast that they could have been likened to ovaries. My dick, was more like a large goosebump than anything that could even slightly be construed as a male sex organ.

Then, of course, the girls wanted to fool around ... yeah ... right. I was shivering so hard that I could have been used as a drink mixer ... and I had no dick.

I was finally able to get my shivering to settle down enough that I was able to start trying to have sex with one of the women ... have you ever tried to insert a goosebump up there? I doesn't work ... trust me.

So in an instant I had turned from a really cute and sexy guy into a eunuch ... all due to shrinkage.

And that ladies, is shrinkage ... shrinkage is bad ... which is why I love living in Florida.

berisch 54M

3/16/2006 2:50 pm

Though I was never a big fan of the Jerry Springer Show, I'm presuming that it did have at least one redeeming thing that came out of it ... it brought to light the male fear of exposed shrinkage.

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