Now thats taking the piss!!!!!  

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11/25/2005 4:10 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Now thats taking the piss!!!!!

Well dear reader, if you have been on AdultFriendFinder for a while, you will prbably have experienced the advice lines.

Ah yes those advice lines, addictive aren`t they , go on take a quick look to satisfy your cravings or better yet, open another window to keep upto date while you read yours turely here.

Now we all now that certain questions come up over and over again, and well it`s part of the joy, don`t fit it, no not ever, go with it, encouage it, it brings fresh new perspectives everytime, but also maybe wait until the last time that question was asked disappears from the screen.

Now you maybe wondering what this has to do with the title, well simply this, i posted a nice fat juicy advice line, a beginers guide to AdultFriendFinder. Now it wasn`t the best i wil admit, the cut and paste action inserted alot of double spacings and fucked up some paragrahs which looked alot better when they where in the orginal article. It seemed pretty well recieved and got some good come back. A job well done.
What do i have to complain about then, cause ya knew it was going that way didn`t ya!.

Well its this, no sooner than the advice line was nearing the bottom of the page than a question entitled, my experience at AdultFriendFinder appeared. intresting i thought.
As i began to read i thought, this sounds familar, very fucking familar, hold the phone some fuckwit went and ripped me off!!! all beit with better paragrapging and some creative licence on some bits!! I say some bits cause the lazy fucker didn`t even re write some parts.

The cheek!, oh well true it wasn`t copy righted and was never going to be, just thought it was a tad fucking cheeky, so here`s ma plan, am going to produce a beginers guide every so often, tweeking my orginal and spitting it out, and well he might do the same. But ya know what there is only one original Beniceguy, thank god, and thats me, and ok i can be all for the greater good, but sometimes, i don`t like my shit messed with, Go write your own fucking article!!!, well in your own words at least!!

Does`nt matter anyhows everyone will know it`s a benice original , cause of the crap spelling and bad punchuation!!!

Oh humm

Anyway, have fun and begood to some one, and if you can`t be good, at least benice!

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