And so it begins!  

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11/13/2005 9:43 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

And so it begins!

Ok here it is, I've taken the plung and now am a fully paid up memeber of friend finder, And you know what, i feel like one of those deers trapped in head lights!, Where do i go now, whats accepted protocol, who the hell is ever going agree to meet me!

Well thats some of things that enetered my head about 2 seconds after a hit the "pay now" button but there you go everyone has to start some where, so i would like to introduce myself, Am beniceguy, am 25 single living in belfast and looking to inflict my own brand of madness on you all!

Any help on the profile front would be nice, i want to try and strike a balance, i was reading some of the mens profiles i think there are too many " hi wanna fuck " schools of thought, the direct approach is all well and good but doen't anyone just talk anymore first was romance really beaten up that bad! I try to be a nice guy but you know i do have that hint of a bastard in me but it only gets let out on specail occasions so please try not to be to sarky with your replies am just dipping my toe in the water here this is my first time.

If you have read this far just want to say thanks and i hope you feel it hasn't been a waste of time, one thing i want to throw into the debating ring, are there any good men left?, are women really that let down by use that they have to ask that? Is there any way we can redeam ourselves?

Cheers for reading

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