Question...and I want answers please.  

benibluetwo 47F
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7/4/2006 9:02 am

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8/11/2006 10:57 pm

Question...and I want answers please.

Why would my cousin's husband be staring at me every time he reachs over and grabs her boob or ass? Why do some men do this?

Is it to show me he's taken (I dont want him anyway...not attracted to him plus he's married to my cousin) or is it because he wants to show me he likes sex and is interested in me? What is it? He does it every time I am around and it's starting to piss me off.




JuicyBBW1001 54F

7/4/2006 10:47 am

Hmmm why not ask him. Men are strange creatures and sometimes the only way to know is to ask them why they do the things they do.


Browniebites4 53F
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7/4/2006 10:56 am

Personally, I think he's has interest in you.. he sounds like a real dick... Next time he does it flip him the bird and then see what he does...



Journeyman3074 42M

7/4/2006 10:19 pm

hmm...depending upon how bold you feel at the time, maybe confronting him about it at the moment he does it will get you some answers...ask him right out loud with your cousin there and that'll put him on the the very least, he won't do it again

rm_likearock112 55M
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7/4/2006 10:20 pm

Beni, maybe its because he wants you to know that he thinks your cousin is sexy, or maybe he is a little bit of an exhibitionist, and gets off knowing someone is watching his little public pets.

benibluetwo 47F

7/5/2006 2:42 pm

Well I am pretty bold...these are interesting opinions...let me think on it...see if more suggestions come forward as to why he acts like this. I'm really hoping some man will step up and say HE does it and why.




socalrockhard22 56M

8/10/2006 3:41 pm

The answer is quite simple. Guys are dogs!!! (SOME ARE)
Maybe there is a handful that have a heart, and conscious, but being a guy, I know quite a few....and most that I know act crude, rude and just downright obnoxious. That only gives me inspiration to NOT act like that.
I don't know the in-law cousin, but tend to agree somewhat with the other posts. OPTION....front him time he does that, say something like, "dude, whats up with you? Why do you always look at me when you do that?"...then "excuse me while I go throw up"

Good luck.

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