On married men....  

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12/23/2005 12:11 am

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On married men....

Okay...so I am not looking to hook up with a married man but I will not pass judgement.

I know, I know....in a previous post I slammed them and told them work harder in the relationship they already have...but really is it for me to judge them?

And open relationships.....well I guess that is cool. As long as both people are actively pursuing and the wife isn't just agreeing to go along to keep the peace. She stays home and does whatever while he goes out and plays is NOT an open relationship...it is just her tolerating her husband.

I think though, that I might be afraid of my partner finding someone else and leaving me and him feeling guilt free about it. Or vice versa.

I don't really get it....I don't want it...but whatever floats your boat.

Just be honest about it. Check off the married or in a relationship box.

I respect a person FAR more for being honest about looking for some action outside the house than for lying about or hiding it.

I will even chat with married men. But that's it. People are people and sometimes you can meet the nicest people even if they are married. LOL




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