An Impromptu Survey.......  

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An Impromptu Survey.......

So in the summer friends and I were at meetings in Edmonton and while we were waiting during a break one of them was reading articles in a local community newspaper.

The articles were about anal bleaching and male waxing........the back, crack and sack wax if you will.

Of course the conversation was rather loud and raucous since they are interesting woman left to go to the bathroom and when she came back she was red faced and shut the door to the room.

I asked her why she shut it and she said that the hotel manager was interviewing in the next room and they could hear EVERYTHING we were saying and were laughing their butts off.

I don't think my organization is allowed back there now. forward to the fall and we go to convention......

My other friend who was there comes up to me one night in the hospitality room and suggests that we do an impromptu survey of the men on those subjects.

Now I am a shy sort of girl so of course there was NO courage from the Orange Smoothies and shots of Baja Rosa and the vodka and juice I had been sipping on up to then.........

So we went up to several men and asked the following:

1. Have you heard of male waxing?
2. What personal grooming do you do?
3. Do you think that anal bleaching is needed?
4. What do you expect of the woman?

So of the 30 or so guys we asked we got some interesting answers:

Only a couple of them had heard of male waxing.

Most shaved, a couple of them guy told me him and his wife shave each other.............and one went Au natural.

None of them thought anal bleaching was needed as long as everything was kept clean.

The men 35 and over wanted the woman to have a full Brazilian wax except for one guy who asked to have a little hair left up front so he "didn't feel like a pedophile".

The men 34 and under all agreed that the woman should not be expected to shave OR even loudly proclaimed "the bush is back".

So this is interesting and useful information and none of the men got upset or disgusted by our questions so it was also a study in human behavior.

In fact, the last day of convention I was outside having a cigarette and one man asked me if I was having a good time to which I replied yes.

Well the young, tired looking, bleary eyed man next to him took a drag off his smoke.....looked at me........blinked hard and started to get the biggest grin and said, "Hell yeah she is!!"

In retrospect I guess I should have qualified that statement by saying it had nothing to do with sex but with the survey but I walked away and left the first man wondering "WTF?" I have no idea what was said after or if anything at all.

Now if any man reads this and recalls a similar event happening in October of 2005 and you answered my questions.........well.........

1. I won't tell you are on here if you don't tell on me.

2. I am the shorter one of the two women asking you the questions.

3. If you were/are know what to do.




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