It's Feels Like a Good One  

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1/2/2006 7:49 pm

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3/20/2006 8:14 am

It's Feels Like a Good One

As I finished the double shot of tequila at the stroke of midnight, I knew this year is going to be better than last! I was in the company of family and good friends, arguably the two most important things in life.
My cousin had invited me to her place for the small get together. Along with her man, and other good friends we welcomed the new year with the ideas of greatness.
I can't remember making any public toasts or verbal resolutions, but I do remember taking the past year into retrospect. Many things happened for me, '05 was my first entire year without female companionship (I really didn't feel like being with anyone). I opened the proverbial closet and found many skeletons lurking there, I dwelt on them for quite a while before I was able to clean them out. When I decided to start dating, '05 brought confusion and dismay (I had to re-hone my skills that lay dormant for 11 years). '05 brought a terrible fight to my door, all the monsters of my emotions and all the psychological demons that lay in wait, came crashing through. The thing hardest for me to bare was my daughter's attitude towards her mother and brothers, (she's a daddy's girl all the way). Many other things popped up in '05,not worthy of mention, but that's called life. Right?
Along with the cons came the pros, '05 marked the start of my paintball experiences. I enjoyed my piercings and third tattoo in '05. Many a B-B-Q's and friendly parties were attended to with our good friends and honorable guests, Mr. Cuervo, Mr. Morgan, and Mr. Daniels. After a long drawn out battle, the monsters and demons were pushed back into retreat, then hunted down and slain. Best of all "I GOT MY MOJO BACK"!!
The conflict with my daughter's attitude is still there, but that's the only major dilemma I foresee. With my monsters gone, the demons slain, and my Mojo back, '06 Feels Like a Good One!

wontleavustandin 37F

2/3/2006 9:13 am

keep on writing! you're not only good, but funny too, kind of bitter-sweet at times, and that, my friend, is attractive.

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