shoe shopping Bella got a spanking  

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8/5/2005 7:19 pm

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shoe shopping Bella got a spanking

Doesent online dating get monotonous? I love to shoe shop on ebay and this has started to feel remarkably similiar. Maybe the ratio of men to women is so that I have to scroll through emails and look at every ad. I love the 22 year olds sending just a picture of their penis no words, no attempt. Oh to be 22 again. I also love the fan mail about my fucking Smart Ass Masochist tendencies. (SAM) I love the observation that I am not a sub. Just a SAM. Did not know the difference, so thank you.
I was 22 when I married Robert, so maybe submission is a precarious thing, maybe it isnt a state of mind, but a choice. Dont know I have it in me. I do know that I would never wear a dog collar, as it would be tooooo hilarious. Did ya miss the chapter where I told you guys I am a pretty pretty princess? I might wear a tiara, is a tiara an option?
Bella got a spanking Bella got a spanking. Guess all my smart ass comments paid off. I forgot how high it makes you feel, like a stimulant.
I have no idea why my random thoughts are interesting enough to be a blog, but why sooo many read and not respond? Was I too much of a bitch? Ok, so here is my question? Why does a submissive have to be a doormat? Surrender would imply, in my limited opinion, that the person your surrendering to is capable of leading? 24/7 seems like a lot for one to assume responsibility for... Isnt some power struggle part of the fun? If someone was truly submissive in all aspects, even mental with no reservations going to get boring? I think of the Story of O, when everything that could be surrendered but her life was surrendered and his ultimate pleasure would be if she let him have her life as well. My question is, what is the life span of such a deal. I get what is in the submissives mind, I would have died to spare Robert, but KEY here is he would have never wanted me to. (Ok, if he were here he would say he sometimes wanted me to be quiet, but not dead)I read the Story of O at 15, by accident and thought it the most erotic thing, until the end. Then I just thought it sad. She gave him everything but...and he needed that one last thing to prove her submission. Dont get it. Bella

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8/5/2005 9:26 pm

Ya know, the whole B&D, S&M, power exchange thing is fraught with paradox; I means, it's freakin' everywhere. And you've nailed one of those paradoxes. Every one talks about "topping from below," but there's also this, that surely the better subs are those that have something to give. If they've already given it, then where do you go from there? Where's the frisson of breaking through, submission as an act rather than a state? Even if it's not a matter of struggle, you still want something there to be submitted. A mere cypher--a doormat, as you say--where's the value in that. Oh, I have topped a nonentity. I am sooo powerful . . .

It's a conundrum, isn't it?

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8/5/2005 9:36 pm

Sounds to me like you've been getting some bad advice! Possibly you're talking to the wrong people. I'll message you soon. Don't be shy

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