What I have masturbated to recently:  

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What I have masturbated to recently:

Asserting dominance physically forcefully
Spanking is not the only means for a man to demonstrate forceful physical dominance over a woman. It may be more ‘safe’ and less likely to be viewed as abuse than other means just because parents often spank children but it is my favorite thing and I am better behaved after I have had one. Here are some other forceful tactics that a man can use to assert dominance over his woman and really turn me on;

1. Walk right up to her (it helps if the man is tall enough to tower over her) and then keep walking, so that she is forced to keep backing up; he can back her all the way up into a wall and then hold her there, just by pressing against her with the bulk of his body. (Although he might need to put his arms against the wall, too, so she can't slip out.) If he is much bigger than she is, this is a very intimidating tactic.

2. If he's really mad and wants to demonstrate his dominance without hurting her, he can smack the wall with the flat of his hand. She will feel the force of his blow reverberating through the wall as she's pressed up against it; and if he hits it hard, this will certainly impress her with his masculine forcefulness. Or to be even edgier, he can hit the wall with his fist ‒ but this will probably damage either the wall or his fist, depending on what the walls are made of. (Good idea to figure that out first; because hurting your own fist is not exactly a good way to demonstrate your dominance.) In either case, he should not strike too close to her head, because if she moves a bit then he could hurt her badly. It's enough to hit the wall in the general vicinity; the point is to impress and frighten her, not to terrify her so badly that she wants to flee for her life.

3. Or instead of backing her into a wall, he can grab her and force her against his body - hold her wrists behind her with one hand, and with the other hand crush her gently against his manly chest. Again, if he is a big man and strongly built, this cannot help but impress her with his physical power, and make her feel fragile and helpless by comparison. If a man is pressing your face into his chest, it's hard not to be intimidated. Even just the act of holding both her wrists in one of his big, strong hands while she struggles to free herself (provided he can actually do that), will impress her and tend to bring out her submissive side.

4. Or the man can take her by the wrists, and then drag her over to the sofa. He can sit down and force her to kneel between his legs while he still holds her wrists, and then take her head by the hair and make her look up at him. With her head at that level, it's an excellent position from which he can remind her once again who's boss. (He could also reach for his zipper and assert his dominance in another way; but he'd better know how to deal with a biter before he tries that.)

5. Or he can just pick her up and carry her into the bedroom, and toss her on the bed; then he can get right on top of her and pin her down as she struggles. Again, if he can pin both her wrists with one hand, then he can use the other hand for intimidation tactics; either grab her head and read her the riot act, or maybe even punch the pillow by the side of her head, to express his power and assert his dominance.

Anyway, the point in all of these scenarios is for the man to use his physical strength to intimidate the woman into submission, without actually hurting her. If she is sexually submissive, she will probably find herself simultaneously feeling heart-pounding fear and deep sexual desire as she is forced to surrender to him.

For couples who have some experience in the martial arts ‒ judo, karate, wrestling, etc. ‒ there will be plenty of other creative ways for the man to physically assert his dominance without actually hurting his woman. (I once had a karate teacher who did this so effectively that I had to quit the class because I just couldn't deal appropriately with the intense erotic stimulation as it occurred in that setting; my submission instinct would kick in, and I would just turn to jello in this man's hands. But I suspect he was doing that intentionally, because it was never a problem in other karate classes I took.)

But here it becomes important not only that the man is bigger and stronger than the woman, but also that he's more skilled in the martial arts than she is. (Or at least equally skilled, so that his strength still gives him an overwhelming advantage.) If so, then this can be a very hot way to get into physical dominance. It might sound dangerous to those who have never done martial arts; and indeed, it could be if the man is ignorant of what he's doing. But good martial artists know how to pull a punch, and how to toss or hold somebody without injury; so it can actually be much safer to get manhandled by a black belt than by some guy who hasn't got a clue. Also, when sparring you can put on heavy foam pads so you can still feel the blows, without really getting injured. But this is a situation where the woman really needs to assess how much she can trust the man, in terms of both his intentions and his expertise.

Anyway ‒ not that I've got anything against spanking, but there are plenty of other ways for a man to physically assert his dominance over his woman. Some women may like this sort of harmless ‘bullying’; I certainly know that I do. But then, it's probably not everybody's cup of tea, either. There is a time and a place for a spanking. I was emailing someone recently about my first non-sexual spanking and got so worked up writing it I had to go masturbate. I had been purposely antagonizing my husband (who is now sadly deceased, they just dont make men like that anymore)I wasnt getting any attention (he was working two jobs to put me thru college...I did put in my ad that I am a brat)so I broke the only two rules he had for me. 1. Wear granny white baggy underwear when not in his presence 2. dont dance with anyone but me. Sure he had spanked me in bed, pulled my hair (uh oh getting worked up again better be careful here) held me down. And spoiled the hell out of me. I always had to be careful not to express a stong interest in anything because he would kill himself to go get it for me.
When Robert saw I was wearing my pretty panties to school I didnt get the reaction I wanted, he ignored me. So that weekend at an event where he was doing volunteer work I felt bored & neglected so I asked his friend to dance...what? not a slow dance, when he said "Dont dance with other men didnt he mean slow songs?" Suddenly I am being dragged off the dance floor and taken outside. Of course, I was young and much more prone to drama (I think today I would ask for what I want...or maybe not)His 'friend' follows us as I am crying and asks if I am ok, which prompts Robert to start yelling at us both, so I say "Fuck you, you dont own me" and take off my wedding ring and throw it in the bushes" Robert went and got the car, by now I am realizing that my temper tantrum had gone a bit far because he wouldnt talk to me at all. When we got home he tried to pull me on his lap, and I wiggeled away and locked myself in the bathroom. As I was taking a bubble bath and feeling sorry for myself that my ring was gone...robert starts knocking on the door "Open the god damned door" Me:"not until you calm down" I really was scared that I went too far.

All of a sudden I hear 'bzz bzz bzz" the sound of his electric screw driver taking the door off the hinges. He pulled me soaking wet out of the bath tub and into our room and threw me on the bed. (Dear readers please excuse the typing I have one hand in my pocket now) He picked up the wooden hairbrush normally reserved for him to brush my long hair, and pulled me onto his lap. Him:"Apologize right now" Me"NEVER!" Sure he had spanked me during sex, even left marks which I loved, but never like this. "Your going to apologize" then a series of blows (I have no idea how many)at first I wiggled, but I was suddenly aware of exactly what working in construction for twenty years can mean for someone 6ft tall. I was yelling "I want a divorce" "Fuck you" "I hate you" He was in total control, that brush was landing solidly one cheek twice then the other" when I finally got past being angry that my husband was hitting me and started to cry (Hey it really hurt) he said "Apologize" and I did 20 times for wearing HIS underwear to college around men my own age (AHA now I get the rule) 20 times for dancing with his former friend. After wards he held me...and I never wanted him more.

About the ring. The next day we drove back to where the event was and I spent several hours on my hands and knees looking through the grass. After about an hour he left for the mall to get something to eat. I was left with instructions to find my ring. I was desolute. It really was gone, when he got back he had a ring box got down on one knee (you know no woman can resist a man on his knee) the center stone was bigger than my first one and I never took it off again. Even after he was gone I wore it for years.

Does lightening strike twice; probably not. Did I become a submissive wife, not really. I still had my bratty moments, it just usually didnt take much more than a raised eyebrow for me to pause and think about what I want. P.S. After he died I found my original ring in a lock box. LOL they dont make men like that anymore.

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