beforethemast 61M
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3/31/2006 7:16 am


I accidently winked
at her,
sitting across a room
full of National Parks.

It is a wonder
that I even saw her,
sitting there,
with ceiling torn by jagged mountains
and room drowned in roaring streams.

Perhaps I saw her hand wave,
as she engaged in mind to mind conversation,
while I sat thinking of
mouth to mouth resuscitation.

That wave,
of her hand,
begged me to know its feel,
so I moved a little closer.
Until we sat across
her bed...

chatting about the sound of
branches rubbing in the wind
and stopping, at times,
to hear ice chime and logs fall
in her ol' wood stove.

We kissed,
with wanting,
then talked so ernestly of
"how to detect internal conflict"
that we forgot its taste...

We kissed, again,
but this time moved
the large yellow moon
into a beautiful blue day.

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