You want to hear....  

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9/10/2005 8:35 pm

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You want to hear....

what is different between Korea and a Greek-Canadian household that I grew up in?

Regardless of your answer, what is different is interuptions. Coming home I was and continue to be shocked that so many people interupt each other in mid sentence. It is very uncommon where I am from. Doh! Silly reverse culture shock. Where I lived for two years.

I had it explained to me this way; in north america it is a matter of playing tennis. Someone makes a statement and in a group of people the person hits back the ball, and you go back and forth with really fast backhands, slices, forehands and killer serves.

While in the culture I am still adjusting out of, when people talk they are bowling. One person goes up to the line and tosses out a statement. The people take a moment and view the statement before the next person goes up and tosses out their statement.

Thus to interupt someone in Korea, can seem in this paradigm, like you are rushing to say your piece, or being blunt rude.

I bring this up because with all the quick witted statements being tossed around the household, and now the visiting of a cousin from Greece I am finding it hard to make the transition back to playing tennis. Further being called quiet. Odd. My last girlfriend thought I was really loud.

Maybe I need to getting back into my tennis form.

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