The Five Love Languages  

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9/15/2005 8:31 am

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The Five Love Languages

I recently heard about this thing called "The Five Love Languages." The author of the text is Gary Chapman, and he says that the five languages of love are;

1-Words of affirmation

2-Quality Time

3-Recieving Gifts

4-Acts of service

5-Physical touch

He writes from a christian perspective, however these things can be expressed in very sensual terms.

I know for the first one I want to let my partner know that I find them so sexy, that I appreciate them, that I want them to pursue their dreams and there supporting with my words.

For quality time spent with them I want to be their friend, which plays sports, watches movies, talks, listens, tickles, eats, and live as their counterpart.

As for the gifts, there are so many wicked gifts that you can share with a partner; lingerie, those small little vibrators, lol, or the very thick ones, taking time to buy things that fulfill their fantasies.

Regarding acts of service there is nothing to me sexier than fantasizing about these things. In my mind I plan small picnics, skinny dipping and kissing that leads to sex. Or those hour massages after she comes home from work after a home made cooked meal for her, that just end up in cuddling and sleep. My favourite though is writing small messages in her email, or purse that details how when she gets home... I am going to tie her up in scarves and drag my scented fingers over her skin, teasing her. Getting her ready to cum, building to the point where she is thrashing and begging to cum. And how I want her, need her to be my fucking hot wanton slut.

For physical touches, soft hands touching, hugging, kissing, hair combing, and lips that nuzzle her skin.

I guess when I hear about the five languages of Love, I ache to be an expert in each of the five languages and speak them often.

Do you know what Language you enjoy?

beewulf9 38M

9/15/2005 1:25 pm

Thank you Kate, and everyone for taking time to stop by and read my blog.

As for being an universal sedductress... well lets say you make me stare.

bella_ 47F
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9/15/2005 5:44 pm

I think they are all beautiful and needed....

DirtyLilSecret61 55F

9/16/2005 8:27 am

# 1 - I blossom with words of affirmation and affection, and try to return in kind. Often though, it's not just the word - it's the inflection as well as the body language that completes the intent.

# 2 - To just be in My Love's presence is when I feel my best.

I don't do well on # 3 ... not used to it actually, but I'm working on being gracious when it occurs.

# 4 - I am the same. Descriptive phone messages or emails to My Love to let him know that the moment he is within reach, the rest of the world disappears - it is only he and I.

# 5 - I'm a toucher. I need to touch and be touched. Fingers and lips are probably the greatest erogenous zones on my body.

Great post. It really got me to thinking. Thanks for writing it!


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