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The Korean word for a mask is Tal. I guess I would need a Korean keyboard to write it in the language, but that is the phonetical translation.

The three Tals that I brought over from Korea are masks that are used in plays that Koreans perform,and each one represents a different role. I am told that if you ever go to Korea and visit Andong they perform the traditional plays with these masks.

They are apart of the tradition and will always be found in souveniour shops. Some of the most expensive masks are hand carved, hand painted, and the wood is engraved to state who the mask represents (The role) and the artist.

The Old woman (The mask of white) and the Old man (the frowning man with the white and yellow) are masks that I have owned for two years. While the Scholar, is something I purchased recently to remind myself that the reason I left Korea was to be a student and excel at that goal.

In a strange way I don't think I want to be in residence without them. They have been a welcoming aspect of home for my two years stay in Korea. Now they rest on my walls here in Canada. I guess I find them different and so interesting, they speak to me just in their quiet beauty.

Do you find that images on AdultFriendFinder say something to you? Are you captivated by them? Do you find them homely?

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