Smelling the roses- A discussion of grooming  

beewulf9 38M
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2/18/2006 7:49 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Smelling the roses- A discussion of grooming

I read [blog handle]"BigGirlzRSweet" complaint "It's so unfair dammit" and the post triggered thoughts in my head.

If I understand correctly in her post she complains that men get away with much in regards to grooming. On the other hand woman go through such deliberate and painful experiences to look so fine.

You know what I really do appreciate the time and effort a woman goes through to look fabulous. And I hope I take my time and care to fully appreciate the results she put into her appearance. And I hope the men that BigGirlzRSweet encounters and that anyone woman encounters takes that time to appreciate all the details she went through to look that fine.

Nevertheless I think it is important to say why men don't take care as much as woman regarding these matters. Or at least give a generalization.

My opinion is men would exert their effort being efficient. If they are able to win the attention of a woman without being shaven than why should they spend that extra 10 to 30 minutes shaving? I believe said guy would do something else with their time, write a blog, go play basketball or even write poetry rather than groom.

I am sure that a well groomed man is attractive though. And maybe has more success than the men who are not well groomed. Do you agree with this final sentence or disagree?

sassybelle21 32F
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2/18/2006 9:57 pm

Well I cannot say if I agree or disagree yet. It all depends on how you define more success. If you mean being well groomed and has more success to get laid, maybe. But if you mean being well groomed and has more success to succeed in life, academic and career, I don't think so.

aascrompn 42M
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2/19/2006 6:38 pm

I think a well groomed man is more successful w/ women. I'm shaved... I think they prefer that.

ArgosPlumyKooky 45F
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2/19/2006 9:30 pm

it is all in the attitude, grooming helps if attitudes are sparklingly equal between the men otherwise. i am assuming in this scenario that all meet the basic bare minimums of daily grooming. . .

rm_1hotwahine 62F
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2/20/2006 12:14 pm

I think reasonably well-groomed, yes, absolutely. But it's not necessary to go to extremes.

Facial hair may or may not fit into this category. I haven't decided.

Yeah, I'm still [blog 1hotwahine]

beewulf9 38M

2/21/2006 2:01 pm

Dear Sassy, I was suggesting more success in general.

Dear Aascrompn, I agree.

Dear Snatch, I truly think you touched on something that is so important. And just to add to your thought, I am a firm believer that there are days that your inner beauty is reflected by how you present yourself to the world.

Sweet, There are days where staying the shower and pampering myself are truly enjoyable. However, some days practicalities force me in and out of the shower in that 15 minutes that you are referencing.

Dear Wahine, lol at being undecided regarding the facial hair. And I concur, and I truly believe that moderation is important.

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