Permeated with lustful thoughts  

beewulf9 38M
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5/2/2006 1:08 pm

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5/7/2006 8:00 pm

Permeated with lustful thoughts

There are nights where I want to just imagine your pussy drag over my sex. Or the intimacy of your nipples pressing into my back. Further I am left masturbating to images of things that haven't happened yet. This post is one of those images stuck in my head.

I am inspired to think how you would react to me undressing you. Fingers undoing buttons of your blouse. Or your soft whispers. I hear the tone of your voice of satiated pleasure and building sexual lust. Which makes me slow down even further just to let your Ecstasy build. I am imagining undressing you to the point that you are just left in your undergarments that are such a contrast to your skin.

Would you be able to stand there half dressed before my eyes and exposed to my fingers? I would tease you. I would begin to lay kisses down the strap of your bra, down the ridge of your shoulderblade. Along the line that leads to your spine and the hook of the bra. I would suckle a ridge of your spine. Yes I am sure it would tickle, but that is my intention so that you will be shivering against me. Would you be able to endure me kneeling behind you and begin the soft sensual kisses along the line of your panties?

This is just one of my fantasies when I close my eyes and think of you, my future, and allow my lust to permeate my thoughts.

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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5/2/2006 2:22 pm

If only I could experience your fantasies, I think I would sleep peacefully in a satisfied slumber afterward. I often find myself fantasizing about things that never happened, or may never be able to but I still yearn for them just the same. Now, I am left thinking of you dreaming sweet fantasies and touching yourself intimately; and I wonder ... who will be lucky enough to feel you lust come undone?


beewulf9 replies on 5/4/2006 7:12 am:
Reminds me of a Duran Duran song. "Who do you need? Who do you love? When you come come undone?"

I usually succumb to my own thoughts. Or I push myself into something else to avoid the thoughts altogether.

FunandFrisky79 41M/36F

5/2/2006 6:28 pm

Beautiful thoughts, sexy! Mmmmm! And, YES I would melt in your arms (& everywhere else, for that matter)!


beewulf9 replies on 5/4/2006 7:05 am:
You melting in my arms, and everywhere else is a very sensual thought.

SxyCrazyCool 38F

5/4/2006 11:16 pm

She's a lucky girl...

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