Can gentleness be wicked?  

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Can gentleness be wicked?

Can gentleness be wicked?

Allow me to share my fantasy with you and I hope you will tell me if it is a wicked one, or just something romantic?

The bathroom lingers with the scent of vanilla- strawberry candles. Those scents waft into the bubbles and your skin as I am tenderly following every line with the lathered scrub sponge. Being so attentive to your muscles as they elongate into joints because today is a special day.

It is Saturday and it is date day. But what makes today different from others is that you and I made a pact. Your body belongs to me between the hours of 8 in the morning to 4pm in the afternoon. And I agreed to offer up to you mine from 4pm to midnight. A fair bargain, but I don't know if you realize what I have planned for you. So I let you sleep till 12 because you had such a long week, and I cleaned the house and set some things out. Eventually waking you for some food and the surprise that I poured you a bath.

Maybe you do realize what I had planned for you as I spend my time loving your breasts; my fingers lather your shape with the texture of the soap, my fingers care for the tips of your nipples, my fingers linger over your skin loving you till I hear the sound of your breathing change. Withdrawing though, because this gentle torture needs to be prolonged. You are mine till 4pm, and I know it is only 1.

We continue like this slow and gentle along you fair skin. You have been such a good partner to me that the affection I am placing upon your skin cherishes you and hopefully conveys my heart. And yes I did touch you so very tenderly along your more intimate erogenous zones because you also make me feel special when we are in bed. I want you to feel that way now.

Thus, I ask you to raise from the cooling water and I am stunned by the glint of droplets reflecting light off your skin. I watch as you stand on the towel and the moisture leaves imprints on the clothe. Slowly I begin again. Loving your toes, your ankles carefully up your thighs to the beauty of your center, and slowly up. I am looking into your eyes from this angle and am so aware that you are aroused and wouldn't mind staying home in bed with me. But as I said over brunch I do want to take you out today and so I continue to dry your skin: avoiding the opportunity to lick from you, the opportunity to swallow your moisture that is a little apparent, the opportunity to take you as you wish.

Instead we walk hand in hand to the guest room where I laid out some of your clothes. Nothing, sexy or provocative except in my eyes. There on the bed is your favourite pair of jeans that hug snug to your hips and outline the contour of your ass. Your favourite t-shirt that reveals maybe a little too much of your bodice, but you like me looking. And for your undergarments I chose your matching black lace. I whisper to you. "I chose this pair because to me you are the most sexiest woman I know. And I want you to know that and feel that way today." The socks are white and your comfy pair of Reebok sneakers are out.

I sit to the side and take my time to watch you and with lust touch myself. I stroke my elongating shaft and reach under my shirt to tease at my nipples as you are slowly covering up your skin. When you notice what I am doing I see that look of damn I want to taste from your cock. I tenderly whisper "My way till 4 baby. And we have a 2pm showing at the theater and I don't want to miss anything." That may be what I am saying, nonetheless there is underlying voice whispering - Baby I know you are getting so fucking aroused; that is what today is about.

With you attired in my choice of clothing my fingers slip from my sensitive places I stand and walk to you and I whisper three very significant words. With a kiss we walk out into the beautiful Saturday afternoon and continue towards the theater.

My fingers flow into the back pocket of your jeans so I may keep you warm, at least that sensual warmth that I want to leave lingering upon your senses. With each step I making little comments into your ear: "You have the most beautiful thighs," "You make me so aroused," "You make me feel so amazing." These words that reinforce my care for you, and tease at your ear, neck and hair. I sense your lust as I catch you licking your upper lip with the tip of your tongue.

With the fingers along your butt I encourage you to continue walking even though the heat flowing over your skin is making you flushed. We arrive at the 2 o'clock matinee a few minutes before the show starts and I purchase the tickets and walk back to you. Whispering "Are you ready?" You don't even have time to say anything as I step into your personal space and like a couple of kids I kiss you passionately expressing to you my lust.

I feel hunger flowing between us. That primal need to be lost to the outside and just focus on each other. Your breathing is somewhat ragged as I am sucking on your tongue. Suddenly I break the kiss, and whisper "Can you take a little more teasing?"

I feel your eyes sending messages of "Oh you will pay for this, damn I am so wanton." But there is that pact we had, and the desire you want to please that brings you to a peaceful state. You nod with bravery as we walk together towards our theater and seats.

There are relatively a few people in the theater as the commercials are running just enough for us to be secluded somewhat. We sit, and I gently guide your fingers to my mouth. I softly begin to kiss each tip, and lay lingering licks into the center of your palm. I enjoy spending time here in your palm; sensing your underlying pulse, and your eyes on me I suckle from you. I hear your voice catching in your throat as you inhaled.

I continue to neck with you. Pouring detailed kisses upon your skin that cause your lips to be pulled inward to hold back the sounds. And your eyes closing to maintain control. I pour my affection upon you.

Your thighs open expressing you want me there between them. But I avoid touching you there or even your breasts. I know the film is two hours and I plan on spending that time loving you. I lick and suckle your earlobe, and you give me one of you whining please with your sounds. But I hold firm, and I watch as you close your thighs to tease your folds.

"Please baby, trust me. Don't tease yourself too much. In fact please open your thighs for me." Are the words that meet you.

Reluctantly you obey me. Giving me my will. And softly I continue to learn your pulse as you are exposed and vulnerable. I cherish you and with each touch I hope I am telling you, how fine you are.

Eventually the plot in the movie thickens, as are we. I know you want attention against your folds and clit. So I touch you brushing over the seam of the zipper. Knowing you intimately every line and contour I trace you, feeling the moist heat greet my fingers.

Each time I feel you grow to sensitive I pull away, spending that time loving your thighs, your hips and your fingers. These chairs are not bed and somewhat uncomfortable, and I know you want to just be lounged out and fucked I see it in ever detail. This is about me loving you and treating you with gentleness, wicked intense touches that just tease you, and eventually near the end of the film the orgasm cums. Powerful and shattering. You have been teased too long but the release was so powerful, and you give me that thankful smile as we hold each other hoping no one was too aware of what happened.

I think to myself as we collect ourselves and leave the theater as the credits are still running; maybe I have made you wait too long taking you to the brink and stopping way too many times. But we will see. As we are walking out of the theater, I whisper "It is 4pm."

Fox4aKnight1 43F

2/2/2006 1:22 pm

So do I and this is wickedly romantic and a great tease.

Sister_Act_4_You 38F/38F

2/2/2006 2:05 pm

I think this sort of erotic teasing can lead to the hottest sex. A very good narration...I really enjoyed it.

beewulf9 38M

2/2/2006 2:39 pm

Dear Jez, In regards to hearing the rest; the narration is not mine to tell.

Dear Fox, thank you for thinking that this was romantic and wicked. Interesting how gentleness has that characteristic.

Dear Louisa, I hope that we all experience the erotic teasing and the hottest sex it leads to.

To each of you. Thank you, you have complimented me greatly with your words and sentiments. I wish you all well.

FunandFrisky79 41M/37F

2/2/2006 8:09 pm

WOW!!! Great story! I'm with Jez, let's hear the rest! *WEG*

Btw, I'd have to say this is Romantically Wicked, my friend! WOW!!!


beewulf9 38M

2/8/2006 8:31 am

Dear FunandFrisky- thank you. And unfortunately I don't know women very well to ever be able to write the end.

Dear Silhouette- I am happy to hear that you found it sexy.


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