A memorable first  

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A memorable first

Seems like there is a tradition of story telling in blogville, I wanted to try my hand at one. Please forgive me, it has been a while since I tried. If you have any constructive criticism please feel free to leave it.

It had been a night of firsts for our hero. The first time he massaged a woman's thighs, the first time he had undressed a woman, the first time he tasted a woman. The first time he licked a pussy, the first time he made a woman cum, the first time he continued to make a woman orgasm, kiss and touch and talk before doing it again and all over again. The first time he told a woman no, he would not penetrate her. All these first happened over the expanse of five hours, of soft love making with fingers-tongue-teeth-mouth-words.

But it all ended with this memorable first, he gently held her in his arms, watching over her quietly as she had dozed off. Her eyes quietly touching her cheeks, and her breath slowing. She lay there on her side, and he watched over her with the scent of her orgasms powerfully etched on his upper lip, and every time he breathed he tasted her.

But he was in no man's land. The first time he ever been with a woman, what should he do? It was the dead of the night where even owls don't sound. He thought about if he should stay and fall asleep resting against her? Or should he quietly dress and find his way back to where home was? His thoughts bounced in his mind, slowly he gently eased from her and began to dress only to rouse her.

He inwardly cursed, but as she rubbed her eyes awake he quietly mentioned that he better go with it being a school day being tomorrow. She nodded and softly said "Okay, but I will see you to the door." They both quietly dressed trying to make as little noise as possilbe as to avoid waking the couple that slept a few feet below.

They crept down the stairs, the wood lightly creaking as the worked their way to the door. But they stopped there. They turned into each other and spoke tender words...fingers wandered over cheek, into hair, pulling the other tightly, as lips met.

The kiss was soft. One of those kisses where you start to kiss, and it just deepen into thirty thick licks that taste deeply. Leading to lustful moans that saw his fingers pass over flesh, thighs, her sex.

She was so warm, and heated, he explored the shape of her puss through the jogging pants, and knelt there before her. She being wiser suggested "Let me sit on the bench." So they shifted away from the doorframe and he knelt to peel her jogging pants down.

He stared, and began to taste her again, and again with the tip or flat of his tongue. His fingers stuffed inside her, and felt her moving in those needy hard fast movements. She was holding his hair, pulling him deeper into her. She moaned his name, this encouragement enough to focus on her g-spot as he sucked her clit in his mouth.

It happened... aburtly, startlingly.. she came, hard,so hard his fingers were violently pushedd from her depth, as he continued to stuff his two fingers inside her. She continued to climax, grunting "Don't stop. Don't fucking stop!" As tiny explosions had her grunting, panting and sounding like a wild thing, and it continued to rock through her on, and on.

Still she was saying words like "Don't stop! Oh God!" as she trashed upon the bench and continued to quake uncontrollably.

It lasted for so long, till she couldn't take any more and pushed him away from her tender sex. He held her, and realized that out of all the firsts that night, this was the most memorable, the first time he ever experienced a woman have multi orgasms just for him, inspired by his touching. Something to be remembered and built upon for their future meetings.

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