Fantastic Sex  

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9/8/2005 8:51 pm

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Fantastic Sex

My wife surprised me a bit the other night. I arrived home from a stressful week of work, and despite the diet we were both successful in losing weight / restricting our food & drink intake, we decided to have a bit of fun.

After a trip to the supermarket, my wife arrived home with a cold bottle of champange, various nibbles for us to enjoy and 2 cans of whipped cream. I knew instantly due to past fun, what those were for.

We had flirted a little that afternoon, so when the cream was shown to me, I gave a puppydog look and consipred to find someone to take our kids for an hour. Once we figured that wouldn't work, I suggested a quicky in the laundry room while one kid napped and the other watched TV. That didn't fly either!

Later that evening, both kids were in bed, we both had showered, smelling clean and fragrant. Retiring to our media room, I opened the champange and waited for my wife to join us. In about 5 minutes she did that - how she did was a great surprise to me.

She walked in wearing a gorgeous black lingerie outfit - little black lace tap pants and a black bustier type thingy. Not sure the proper names, but having lost a bit of weight recently, she was smoking!

She knew I was staring at her and she wanted to turn me on. One hand cupped her right boob through her top. My cock got hard, quick.

The other hand, started to gently rub herself through her bottoms. I got even harder.

Now she had never masturbated before for me, so I was really surprise when she started to touch her pussy for me, even through the pants.

Getting hot and wanting to surprise her a little, I released my now throbbing cock from my boxers. That didn't surprise her much. What did surprise her was my next move - my hand cupped my balls... moved up my shaft and started to slowly circle the head.

Her eyes got big and wide. I had never masturbated for her, much less in the bright light of the room.

I could tell I hit a nerve - she got flushed quickly, but instead of getting flustered, she seemed to get hornier by the second. She walked over towards me, whipering that she was pleased that I was so turned on, and that this is just the beginning of the evening.


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