What's your Fetish  

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12/31/2005 1:27 am

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What's your Fetish

Some say that a fetish can be a bad thing.
Have you ever wondered how much truth is to that statement, I have.
Fetish's can be a good thing, I know for some ladies a shoe fettish is a wonderful thing and more is always better, apply that theroy to foot worshipping and you have ten little toes to worship, two souls, two heels, four sides of ankles.
One could even expand a little and add that to two very long and sexy legs that seem to go all the way up, which in itself is very erotic.
from there you have an ass, round, smooth and when bent over is purly a fetish all it's own.
Checking out from the back side is the sweetest sight of all, correctly speaking the vulva, an awsome mound which deserves incrediable attention.
Pucked slightly, or lightly opened, moist, wet, pink in vibrance waiting for contact, tounge, fingers, a good stiff cock, either or all seems to be acceptable. But truly one of the most amazing places to have a fetish about.
lips waiting to be licked, moist and creamy, waiting to be spread open and attentively cared for, smooth in appearence, or slight groomed hair line, a racetrack, slim and manicured.
This is what a true fettish can be.

well have to attend to a manicured pussy now, she just walked into the office and the "boss" need some attentive going over.

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