Touching my lover  

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10/6/2005 11:51 pm

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Touching my lover

Touching my lover’s skin was like waking in a bed of flowers, and I did not stir because for the few times in my life I felt at complete peace with the world, as if reminded that the same earth which troubled me during my waking hours had also given me this gift that I had prepared all my life to accept, yet somehow felt unworthy. Lying next to my love, her warmth was a blanket on the coolest of nights, and her moist kisses were like a breeze of cool air on a hot summer day, I stoked her smooth thighs and traced a line across the flowing curves of her figure until my fingers reached her breasts, ripe and swollen like the sweetest fruit. Pressing the palm of my hand against her chest sent a surge of electricity through me, grabbing hold of me and then relaxing like a current, her smooth skin erasing all of my worldly concerns and filling me with such a hunger as I had never known. Her serene slumber unbroken, I brushed my unshaven face against her ribs and kissed the spaces between them, greedily inhaling her scent and then blowing against the wetness I had created. Her skin tightened and I could hear the blast of air filling her lungs as she adjusted to this new sensation. Her heart began to beat faster and a gentle sigh escaped her parted lips. I felt my own skin begin to tighten and flex around hers as I regarded her womanhood, a sum of all of the beauty of creation in one tiny, intricate package. I brushed my fingers lightly across her mound and my blood boiled. Beneath her lush downy coverings I could feel her silken entrance, this iridescent and primal root of a woman’s beauty laid innocently before my own eyes, glistening in the morning light, and wet as if emerging from a clear pool until I could take no more. My dull hunger gave way to a savage desperation, and the time for waiting had ended. I was a tiger nestled in the bushes, watching my prey intently, patiently choosing the moment to strike.

With one movement I kneeled before her, parted her milky thighs and caught a glimpse of her full naked form, vulnerable and yielding as if nature had constructed her only for me. Slowly and purposefully I entered her and watched as her tender flesh split open, surrendering to my pressure and accepting my member as easily as if it were a part of her own body. Slow, heaving waves rippled and coursed through my nervous system as my entire length was swallowed, and gripping me tightly so that I couldn’t breathe or think, but driven my pure instinct. Her eyes opened slightly and she let out a deep breath before reaching behind my back and drawing me closer to her, deeper inside her than I had ever thought possible. Her lips curled into a sort of dreamy smile and her eyes fixed upon mine. Her emerald expression changed from one of pleasant surprise to an urgency I had never seen before. She arched her back and continued her steady gaze upon me, imploring, submissive. Her mouth cracked open and I could feel a low growl forming in her lungs and reaching her panting lips. My fingers silenced her as I thrust wildly, her legs wrapped tightly around my waist. She took one of my fingers into her mouth and began to suck at it as I pushed farther inside her. Our bodies made a wet noise, like the gentle slapping of the tide against the rocks and I could feel her tighten against me. She ran her fingers through my hair and screamed out my name until I nearly froze with shock. Our bodies slowed a little, moving in unison until I could suddenly feel a soft, cushioned barrier from deep inside her. Her stomach tensed and her body convulsed, and then after a moment’s stillness, exploded like a firestorm nearly pushing me back. Her body heaved and I felt a sudden pressure and a wave squeezing me so tightly until almost pushing me out of her. Rather than accepting me and drawing me in, it was everything I could do to ride out this tidal wave, like a salmon swimming upstream. Her eyes slid back into their lids and she made a tiny hum which gathered in strength and intensity until collapsing into a loud squeal. Her hips rocked and bucked against mine, swaying across the bed, and I could feel a rush of warmth against my member. The insistent pressure did not subside and I grabbed her hips and shook violently in her wake until I could feel a pressure building within me that I was powerless to stop. Noticing this change in me, she winked at me knowingly until I suddenly withdrew from her and straddled her chest. With a low groan, I unleashed myself breathlessly and bathed her with my burning climax ‒ over her bare breasts, across her face and in her open mouth. Never taking her eyes off me, she laughed and rubbed my passion over her lips and swallowed my member, feeding from me and rubbing it across her wet lips. We both laughed immediately afterward and I slid down to rest on top of her and kissed her until the sunset.

sexymermaid6956 63F
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11/17/2005 9:42 am

wow wow wow are one amazing had me glued to me seat..i held my breath without knowing it....nice sensual and very deep..i could feel your cum as you wrote hot and smooth on my breasts and yes i could taste a visionary.gental ful of pasion...wonderful insight....


Seduce my mind and my body

bedroomice2003 44M

11/17/2005 9:46 pm

Mermaid, there a few women out there who have made me hold my breath on occasion; seizing me; making my heart stop for a split second while I considered all the things they could do to me, all the passion they could inspire in me. I'm glad you liked my words, but they pale in comparison to a truly beautiful woman like you.

Take care, sweetie.


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