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2/13/2006 12:42 am

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Tell me a story

In preparation for our evening together, I turned off every light in the house. The room was completely dark except for a single candle resting on a nearby dresser, the tiny flame burning as a symbol of our passion. We had already tossed our clothes aside and stood before each other in the dim light, completely and gloriously naked. Your heart pounded as you held your body against me, pressing your chest against mine and wrapping your arms around me. My hands caressed your frame and cupped your breasts as you nuzzled your face against my broad shoulders, losing yourself in the warmth of my body and the softness of my hair. For a moment, you didn’t move. You enjoyed this simple feeling of security and trust and you wondered how long I would hold you before I started to get antsy, how long your own will would last before you could feel my hardness plunging deep inside you again. You put your ear to my chest and listened to my heart beat, fast and strong like your own and you began kissing my shoulders.

Your knees were shaking so I invited you into my bed and you were surprised at how quickly your will began to weaken, how your body complied with every word and responded to every touch as I laid you back onto the bed. You gazed deeply into my eyes, intense and hungry and you could feel yourself becoming very wet before I even touched you. You felt so exposed, so vulnerable, and yet incredibly aroused at the power I had over you. You closed your eyes and felt the warmth of my hands caressing your skin, roaming all across the length of your body, never staying in one place for too long. My fingers danced in the spaces between your breasts, barely touching you, but close enough that you could almost feel an electrical charge as your skin tightened and responded involuntarily, almost shamelessly. You felt another hand rubbing your thigh and like a lightning bolt, the sensation travelled directly to your wetness. My fingers softly kneaded your skin and slowly caressed you inch by breathless inch.

Anyone care to continue this story where I left off?

herotherside 41F
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8/1/2006 8:02 am

With no regards to the fact that we had all night to take our time, I wrapped my arms around your body and pulled it to mine. There was no mistaking my need for you to invade the space that was once mine. Taking just a moment to feel your eyes search mine, I slide my hands across your lower back, and then down, grabbing a firm hold of your ass. My slithering wetness brazenly invites your hard on to pleasure me, and my kiss promises you nothing short of euphoric delight. You slowly but firmly slide into me before slowly pulling partially back out. My body shivers as you swim in my warm juices. And again, and again, you make your gradual entrances and partial exits. I tilt my head forward and tuck it under your chin, afraid that you might see what my face is trying to hide. But, my body betrays me, and reveals everything.

You feel me tighten up around you, and you can hear my heart pounding strongly against your chest. I rope your body with my legs and force you so deep inside of me. I'm not even sure how to justify my impatience as I rock back and forth, driving you in and out of me with such purpose.

And now, if you will, please tell me what happens next.

bedroomice2003 replies on 8/2/2006 1:30 am:
Your wish is my command. Stay tuned.

bedroomice2003 44M

8/3/2006 12:22 am

Your body is thrown back from the force of my thrusts like waves crashing against the rocks and you desperately wrap your legs around my waist to keep from breaking away. Gentle discovery gave way to gaping hunger; what was once gentle became violent and unrelenting animalism. Clawing at your skin, consuming you like flame you growled and panted as each wave rippled through you. Your body shook and convulsed as I drove deeper inside you, splitting you open and accepting me entirely, swallowing my passion. Your eyes implored me and your lips cried out, begging me to fuck you harder. Just as your desire began to overtake you, I froze suddenly and felt you clench around me, pulsating like an electric current which alternately gripped and released my hardness still buried deep within you, riding out each contraction until your orgasm subsided and your body went limp from exhaustion.

Resting inside you for several minutes, our hearts pound in unison as we struggle to catch our breath. Slowly withdrawing from your wetness, I teasingly rub the head of my cock against your throbbing clit. “Not fair,” you exclaim, still reeling from the aftershock, but powerless to protest too much.

Your move.

herotherside 41F
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8/4/2006 1:40 am

Excuse me while go wipe myself.

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