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4/18/2006 2:38 am

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Staring contest

We sat only a few feet apart from each other in silence - you at the edge of the bed and I on a loveseat facing you. No words were expected or necessary in this game. Only our eyes spoke, communicating what we wanted and studying each other’s movements and facial expressions. You stifled a laugh as I gazed deeply into the crystalline pools of your eyes and made obscene faces at you. Not one to turn down a challenge, you licked your lips wantonly in an effort to upset my concentration. When that failed, you resorted to more brazen tactics. Touching your full wet lips with your fingers, you let them fall down to the cut of your silk blouse and playfully unbuttoned it, offering me a glimpse of tender skin. Undaunted, I continued to look upon you with a forceful reserve, knowing full well the game wouldn’t end here. I lifted my arms above my head in a stretching motion, flexing and tightening my muscles in a deliberate show. My broad shoulders, while not exactly honed to perfection through hours of rigorous weights, rippled and contracted. Your lips parted slightly and your cheeks flushed when you realized that this was no ordinary staring contest! You felt my eyes teasing you, chipping away all of your defenses, and daring you to make the next move. Instinctively, you could sense the hunger in them, and for a moment you felt both vulnerable and excited.

You finished unbuttoning and let your shirt fall to your waist, allowing my eyes to ravish you, caressing your breasts as you reached behind your back to free them for my unfettered view. I removed my own shirt and slipped my hands across my lap, finding a familiar bulge and rubbing myself while you pressed your breasts together and stroked your hardening nipples. Your excitement was obvious, as was mine, but as there was no declared “winner” in this game, we continued.

Your stockinged legs, which had been crossed, opened slightly to reveal smooth, creamy thighs and the lacy straps of your garter. Your hands drifted down and you brushed your fingers across silky red panties. Your eyelids fluttered as you began to rub yourself through the flimsy fabric, and then casting themselves onto my pants, they began to implore me, “Your turn.” Slowly unzipping my pants, I released myself and stroked it. Running my fingers across the length of my shaft and feeling it tighten between them. You stood up slightly and pulled down your skirt and your damp panties into a heap on the floor and spread your legs open wide, the seat of your womanhood fully exposed, wet and quivering. Gasping and writhing, you lay back onto the bed across from me and rubbed your exposed clit, never once breaking eye contact as I continued to rub myself. My hands grasped and began to pump the shaft, growing larger and harder the more you played with yourself.

Feeling the waves crash over you, your eyes snapped shut in the spasm of your release. In a grunt of satisfaction, I felt myself spilling across my seat, coating my hands and striking your hot skin before finally subsiding. The white creamy fluid ran down your legs and my own body crumpled in exhaustion.

Slowly recovering, you spoke the first words of the afternoon. “Damn. I guess you won.” I smiled and nodded in agreement, but said nothing.

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

4/18/2006 6:46 am

Good job!!!
Sounds like you both won too me.

Lady Bambi

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4/18/2006 12:29 pm


I think I should practice my staring game abilities ...

Tee Hee



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