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bedroomice2003 43M
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5/29/2006 1:13 am

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Something to ponder

I’ve often wondered how human evolution and culture would be different if we experienced estrus, or mating “seasons”, rather than the monthly menstrual cycle. Yes, I realize this is an off-beat topic, but imagine how our lives might be radically altered if women literally went into “heat” (and I don’t mean the normal horniness that frequently follows a cycle). What sort of effects would it have on our religions, social customs, or technology? Would we have learned to adapt and evolve, or would our progress be stalled whenever a fertile woman walked past a group of men? Would we have the sort of patriarchal religions we all know and love or would we be more feminist by nature? Could we ever land on the moon or achieve the great accomplishments of science if the men were constantly distracted by the allure of a female scent? How might our values change? Would we be happier? An end to war (at least on the sort of global scale we’ve seen in the past century)? Or would we have even survived as a species? Even more important: would sex have the same relevance it has in our own civilization? Would it cease to be pleasurable and become more a biological necessity?

Something to ponder.

gypsy1629 41F

5/29/2006 1:29 am

And a long ponder it will be! Kind of more like mind boggling in my case...that all requires a LOT of thought.


imLadyBambi 58M/50F

5/29/2006 1:11 pm

To our Favorite Mouse;

Your blog got us thinking so we did a little bit of scientific research... (sometimes that’s a dangerous thing).

What if the term "heat" actually referred to a woman who was ready to reproduce AND during her mating cycle, she actually emitted heat (temperature)?

The First Law of thermodynamics states that:

Q/t = kA (Thot - Tcold)/d


Heat = Surface Area (Temperature Difference)/thickness of skin

The scientific conclusion: Large women (BBWs) would be in heat more than skinny/slender women. Therefore, the world would be full of plump babies!

There is also another law governing thermodynamics - the one about the maximum amount of heat that can be transferred.

E = (Thot - Tcold)/Thot


Hot women (who also happen to be BBWs according to the First Law of thermodynamics), would breed more often because they have more heat! And there you have it - double proof that the world would be full of plump babies if women were in heat!

Just goes to show... a mind is a terrible thing!

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SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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5/30/2006 8:20 am

Oh my,between your curiousity and the Bambi Team's research ... I think I may just hit an all time overload of info on this subject!

Sweetie, be careful what you ponder next time!! Tee hee

Do you think that would make me somewhat of an anomaly? Constantly in heat alothough not cycling due to pregnancy? Wait ... don't ponder that!

{=} SDA


bedroomice2003 43M

5/31/2006 6:09 pm

imLadyBambi, I've met a few very hot BBWs in my time so it must be true! Now we have proof.

sweetdarlinangel, I don't know about you, but I'm constantly in heat whenever I think of you or whenever I'm in your presence.


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