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1/7/2006 1:02 am

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The Angel of Glendale emerged from the ashes, smoke and dust of the new city like a phoenix. Facing unimaginable trials and intense hardships, she was reborn to grace the world. And it seemed only fitting that she moved to the place of her namesake, for it was here that I first met her and felt the warmth of her light.

She is someone’s sister, fighting terrible battles at home while a brother protects our freedom. She is mother to the world, a caretaker who patiently waits at our bedside for the fever to break and understands the power of giving. She is a lover whose very thoughts ignite our most primal passions and our naughtiest daydreams. And she is a friend, who deserves only our complete devotion because we have hers. For those of us fortunate enough to know her are truly blessed.

We all need an angel who can illuminate our path and guide us through the darkness, but just sometimes, they need us as well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and my arms open, sweetie.

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1/10/2006 12:44 pm


You are so wonderful to me. Thank you for such a wonderful tribute. Alice's lung X-ray's came back clear. The doctor said that there were no tumors. (Thank God!). I still haven't heard anything from my brother, his trasport is still MIA (deep breath), and my Aunt is feeling fine so far, they will start the radiation therapy next week. From what I understand, that is when she will start to look and feel ill. So far the cancer has taken over more than 60% of her body, thier goal is just to slow it down enough so that she can she my cousin graduate high school in May, my brother come in April and me get married in March. It is a 4 1/2 month goal we have. (Hopefully they find my brother by then) Still breathing. The kids are healing slowly, the girl is last one on antibiotics, if we can get her through this, then I have 4 healthy kids again after a month of fevers and flus, ear infections and strep throats. Whew. Did I really survive all of this?
Thank you!


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1/16/2006 8:02 pm

Of course you are going to get through all this, and have a good luck streak later. Don't forget about our little time together...

Thanks for posting this BEDROOM, she needed the boost.


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