On the subject of head.  

bedroomice2003 43M
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4/12/2006 2:33 am

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12/11/2007 12:59 am

On the subject of head.

I’ve been asked what men find so fascinating about blowjobs from various women in my life. The very term does unfortunately conjure up images of seedy back alleys and countless money shots. It seems there is a great deal of misunderstanding about what it truly means to a man to have a woman go down on him.

One misguided view is that it perpetuates male domination and oppression of women because it is an inherently submissive act. American men, in particular, are obsessed with blowjobs because, in addition to being visually very erotic, it is also seen as taboo ‒ the last vestige of phallic power in an increasingly emasculated culture. The prominence of it in mainstream pornography makes it seem as though it is the only part of human sexual expression when it clearly isn’t. Why would any progressive 21st century woman subject herself to this sort of humiliation? Giving service to a man in this way seems as antiquated as staying at home with the kids and baking cookies.

Some people just don’t get it.

There’s no argument that giving head is submissive. Simply being penetrated during sex is, by definition, an act of submission. But there are fundamental differences between being sexually submissive to please one’s partner, and actually being degraded. When a man goes down on a woman, he similarly puts himself in a submissive position as well. I would think that a woman who has learned to please her partner in this way and do it well has a bit more power in the sexual dynamic than we’re led to believe since it is she who’s controlling the pleasure she gives him, not the other way around.

What do you ladies out there think? Is a blowjob just something you do to make your boyfriends and husbands happy because it’s expected? How many of you actually enjoy giving and receiving? This is your chance. Be honest!

imLadyBambi 58M/50F

4/13/2006 2:17 pm

In the past, I've had a lot of bad experiences giving head to men. Primarily because they have tried to turn it into a submissive act by forcing their penises in too far, by pulling my hair, or by trying to control the motion of my head. After years of refusing to give head, I have finally found enjoyment in it again; namely because my man (Mr. Bambi) respects me and he views it as an act of love rather than as an exercise in power and control. I hope this answers your question.

Lady Bambi

bedroomice2003 43M

4/13/2006 5:12 pm

Thank you, sweetie. There's always some asshole who thinks it's about control rather than the beautiful act it is, which is why so many people tend to develop hangups about it. You're very lucky to have someone like Mr. Bambi who respects you and lets you explore his body on your own terms.

SweetDarlinAngel 39F
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4/14/2006 4:21 pm


I love to give head, the feeling of my tongue stroking the length of cock in my mouth, knowing that my lips are causing it to pulse and throb makes me very wet. I love it when a man guides my head, not forcefully, but gently, showing me how fast or slow he wishes for me to stroke his shaft. When his hands entangle in my hair from pleasure it drives me insane with desire from him. I love to grab onto his bottom pulling him deeper inside of my mouth when I am on my knees on front him. feeling him thrust against me. I like the feeling of his hand on the back of my neck kneeding, rubbing, placing pressure as he gets closer to climax when he is lying on his back in bed. I've noticed when a man tries to gain control of the blowjob, all I have to do is change the stroke from long and deep and succulent to one of teasing little nibbles and kisses to remind him that I control what my mouth and lips will do to him. I love that feeling, the one true moment I am in total control of his pleasure. Allowing me to use my warm, wet lips to drive him to orgasm and then taste his desire for me before letting him ever enter my pussy. Oohh... just thinking about it, yummy.



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