Massage Oil  

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Massage Oil

Juliet felt a shiver running down her back as the lotion was applied. It felt cold and wet and her muscles tensed even more than they already had been after a long day at work. Fortunately, Rick’s strong but gentle hands would smooth away the gooseflesh from her skin and they felt warm against her shoulders, almost comforting in a strange way. She felt a little remorse at paying the $75 for the full half-hour treatment, but it was worth it. Only a professional could get these knots out. It was usually customary to disrobe and wrap a towel around the gentler parts of her body until she settled onto the bench on her stomach, waiting for Rick to work his miracles up and down her spine. She felt slightly tingly when she met her masseuse ‒ Rick looked like he spent all day everyday at the gym, and it showed. His muscles rippled through his t-shirt and his arms looked like telephone poles. He wore these spandex gym shorts which only accentuated his chiseled physique and showed a definite bulge that Juliet tried vainly not to think about. This was business, she concluded. There would be none of that. And yet as hard as she tried to concentrate on how good Rick’s hands made her feel, particularly to her lower back which was always tricky, she could feel herself opening up. Being flirty, babbling incessantly about her job, revealing personal details about herself her own ex-husband didn’t even know. Before she even realized it, the session was over.

She engaged him briefly in some mindless conversation, hoping to provide an opening for something ‒ anything that would get her closer to her new Adonis. She felt a cold stab of guilt at the way she was behaving, fawning over this man who probably touched a hundred women a day. Rick handled it gracefully, but with a look on his face that perhaps he didn’t mind so much being fawned over. Perhaps it was a little shameless, maybe even immoral, but Juliet had to get this man’s number. If for no other reason than to satisfy her own curiosity. Another $75 and she was back on the table, this time gently prying into his private life. Did he have a girlfriend? What did he like to do in his free time? “If this man is gay, I’m going to scream!” she ruminated to herself. Rick rolled with it, albeit slightly nervously. Yes, he was single. Yes, he did enjoy giving massages in combination with his personal training, particularly when he was with an attractive woman. It all poured out of him easily, as if he was completely at ease with this woman who was secretly playing him like a violin. Another thirty minutes came and went, and Juliet paused before taking a deep breath and wrapping the towel around her once again to go and change. She let the towel slip a little intentionally, briefly revealing one of her breasts but she doubted Rick had noticed. Or if he had, he was being a complete gentleman. She briefly fantasized about inviting Rick into the empty changing room, letting her robe drop to the floor and standing before him completely topless, struggling with the cord of his shorts and unleashing the object of her affection from its spandex prison, pulling him closer to her and making love to his biggest muscle. But she doubted the club rules would permit such an infraction.

Juliet stood for a good five minutes wondering what to do next. Breaking for the nearest stall and pulling a slim vibrator from her gym bag ‒ she always came prepared ‒ she fantasized about Rick, rubbing herself and hoping no one would hear her muffled cries as she worked the vibrator, shallow at first and on the edge, then suddenly deeper until she nearly fell in. She heard Rick’s voice call into the dressing room and it shocked her back to reality. The gym was closed for a good five minutes, and Rick was evidently making rounds to make sure the place was empty. Juliet peeked through the narrow opening of the stall and saw Rick looking around. The place was completely empty save for Rick, and as he turned away to lock up, Juliet could hear herself struggling to regain her footing. Rick came back inside and knocked against the door to the stall. “The gym is closed now ‒ is everything all right?” Juliet struggled to find the words, and quietly told Rick that she was just finishing up. “Are you sure?” Rick asked sympathetically. “Do you need any help?” Juliet didn’t know what was worse: being embarrassed by taking matters into her own hands, or the sudden reckless impulse she had to show Rick how much their session really meant to her. She stood up and opened the stall door, standing before Rick as naked as she had ever been in her entire life, perhaps more so with the anxiety of how Rick would respond. Rick stood mostly silent, taking it all in. He had forgotten his chivalrous impulses to cover his eyes and studied every inch of her, from her full round breasts to her neatly trimmed pussy. For a moment, neither of them knew what to think or how to act. Time had stood still as she watched Rick’s eyes feasting on her, and it made her feel vulnerable, but excited in the same instant. Rick finally settled his steel blue eyes on hers and broke the silence. “I would’ve given you my number if you had just asked,” he said. Juliet took a few steps out of the stall and dropped to her knees, facing Rick and looking up submissively. “But I think this is so much better,” Juliet said.

She reached her tiny hand underneath the cuff of Rick’s gym shorts and felt his erection growing, straining against the fabric and her touch. She slowly pulled them off and gasped at the sight. Rick brushed his fingers against Juliet’s hair as she grasped his cock and licked the sensitive ring underneath. To say Rick was well-endowed was an understatement, and Juliet felt somewhat apprehensive and yet drawn to him more than any other man she hooked up with. She kissed his knob seductively, never breaking eye contact for more than a second before plunging his manhood as far into her mouth as she could take it. Rick groaned silently as Juliet played with his balls and coaxed more out of him, getting harder and harder until Rick suddenly put his hand on her shoulder and broke the rhythm. “I want to show you something,” he said. He led Juliet by the hand down a hall and through a maze of cycles and weight presses before finally settling back to the same massage table. Rick was no longer the gentleman this time, and he asked ‒ no, ordered ‒ Juliet to bend over the side of the table. She complied and felt him enter her from behind as he stood over her. Grasping her hair into a reign, he tugged her long brown hair as he slid into her, deeper and harder than anyone had before. At times she could feel his entire length inside her, although she scarcely could conceive how that was possible. Juliet let out a cry and screamed at Rick. “Fuck me! Oooohhhh my gawwwd! It feels so good!” Rick slammed into her and she could feel and hear the taut rippling of his stomach slap her ass with each powerful stroke. Rick tightened his hold on her and she could tell he was ready. Within minutes, the vinyl of the massage table was dripping with Juliet’s sweat, and Rick grabbed her hips and began rocking back and forth with a circular motion inside her. This felt divine, and Juliet helplessly screamed as she could feel Rick fill her, feeling the sudden surge of warmth buried deep within her. She arched her back and stood up slightly as her own orgasm squeezed and strained against Rick’s pole, feeling as though her own orgasm was merely an extension of his, seeming to last for hours.

They both relaxed for a moment to catch their breath. Juliet cupped her hand around her mound. It felt hot and raw and wet with their juices, but she didn’t mind. She reached over toward a stack of towels and threw one at Rick playfully.

“That was one hell of a workout,” she laughed. Rick grabbed some more lotion and spread it evenly across his hands and began to rub her shoulders again, grinning like a Cheshire cat. “This time, it’s on me,” he said.

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