Let's Face It  

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3/14/2006 1:41 am

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Let's Face It

At some time in our lives, each of us is neurotic, clinging, obsessive, pathetic, high-maintenance, or otherwise insane. We can’t escape it. It’s part of the human condition. Not everyone is going to find a compatible match. Not everyone has the same preferences, desires, philosophy or attitude. Some of us have unrealistic expectations of what we’ll find in an anonymous forum like this one. And some of us just have bad luck.

Before I hear another female member complain about being awash in a sea of dick shots and disingenuous responses or another male member bitch that all the women on this site are either spammers or lesbians, let’s take a moment to reflect on what we all hope to accomplish when we post an ad on this site.

We all want to get laid, preferably by someone who is attractive and genuine. In order to do that, we sometimes have to wade through the depths of the human psyche to do so. And it’s not always pretty.

We may be flattered and aroused, amused or disgusted, manipulated or flat-out lied to. In some cases, we may invest a great deal of time and effort only to be underwhelmed by uninspiring sex. Despite what some of us may have read, merely posting on this site neither guarantees nor increases the likelihood of getting laid.

It is no different than meeting someone in any other venue, like a bar or a nightclub. We all take the same risks when we meet someone new. Just because we do it on the internet does not mean the politics have changed, only the location.

I’ve met a lot of excellent people on this site and have had sex with a few of them. Some make me hard at the mere mention of their name, others I will have as lifelong friends. Here are a few rules I’ve learned to live by from my experiences. They may seem overly simplistic and even a little trite, but they are truths that have helped me.

• If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
• Treat others as you would like to be treated.
• READ the profiles ‒ I cannot stress this enough.
• Make a list of those qualities you want in another person and stick to them no matter what happens. Simply looking to find someone hot and willing is not enough.
• Be patient and remember that not everyone has the same agenda or preferences.
• Be honest. Even if you are married, transgendered, overweight, unemployed or live at home with your mother.
• Pity those who try to bring you down with their negativity. The iggy list can be your best friend.
• Tell the member who you are first, not what you’ll do to them (that comes later).

If anyone has any other suggestions for this list, feel free to post them.


hotdarter 47F
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3/14/2006 2:53 am

Wonderfully done.


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