Hotel Sex Part 4  

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Hotel Sex Part 4

"Not yet, dear" she cooed, slowing her pace as she held me captive with her soft lips. She could sense how close I was, and very nearly brought me over the edge, wanting to feel me unleash myself in a firestorm all over her. My knees were shaking and my breathing quickened. I considered how much control she had over my pleasure and smiled dreamily, not wanting to let go of that feeling. Regaining control of my senses, I led her to the bed.

We couldn't get our clothes off fast enough. It felt like a race - I unbuttoned her blouse and cast it aside. She unsnapped her bra and threw it high in the air. Where it landed we would surely sort out later. She peeled my undershirt over my head and placed her palms on my chest before pulling down my slacks and boxers. The only article of clothing remaining was her wet panties. As we embraced, our naked chests burning into each other with the same intensity and fire as when we had entered the room, I once again slipped my fingers inside and slowly peeled them off, finally exposing the soft flesh I had felt between my fingers. Laying her down slowly, I climbed up her body and kissed her, roaming my hands all over the tender spaces of her form and nibbled her shoulder blades.

Kneeling before her, I gazed deeply into her eyes and nodded. "Yes," she whispered. Rubbing the head of my cock over her exposed clit, she shuddered as I slid inside her, teasing her. A few more seconds passed and I slid in a little further, intentionally driving her crazy. I continued for several more seconds, relishing every sensation, the feeling of her lips expanding and tightening around me, convulsing with even the tiniest movement. I could sense she was becoming impatient, frantic - but before she could say a word I suddenly buried myself deep inside her, causing her to scream. Gasping for breath, she gave me a scolding, yet playful look. "You naughty boy," she admonished, almost overcome by the sensations I was giving her. Her fingers tightly clutched the hospital corners of the bed, ripping the sheets off.

Grasping her shoulders for support, I pinned her down. The time for playfulness had past and I was now consuming her. The gentle thrusts had turned to insistent pounding, her body now an instrument of my pleasure and her moans echoed in the room. Feeling myself come closer to orgasm, I withdrew suddenly and watched as her pussy was gaping - shaking - before plunging deep inside her again. Her climax welled up inside her and every muscle in her body tensed and heaved as her orgasm crashed over her. I ran my cock over her throbbing clit again and she nearly jumped from a second wave engulfing her body. Taking a few moments for the feeling to subside, I straddled her chest and slipped my hard cock between her soft breasts. I began to growl and closed my eyes as she watched me. Within moments, my own orgasm spilled all across her chest, neck and lips - bathing her in my hot climax. Pressing her fingers over my shaft she milked the last of my passion and rubbed it against her lips, savoring the moment before letting me collapse on top of her. Panting, we laid in silence for a few minutes.

The phone rang. It seemed like the oddest timing, but I picked up the phone. The desk clerk apologized and asked if we wouldn't mind moving to another room as this one had been reserved for another couple who would be arriving in minutes. Looking down at my lover with a warm smile, I replied. "We'll be down in a few minutes. You'd better send housekeeping over."

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