Good Morning  

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10/13/2005 3:57 am

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Good Morning

Morning gradually fell through our bedroom window. You were silent, asleep, as the light streamed across the room and an orange glow bathed your naked skin. You instinctively turned your face away from the light and curled up sweetly under the satin sheets which were clinging tightly to your curves and caressing the softness of your figure. Having awakened before you, I watched as the light made love to you, dancing across the softer parts of your body and revealing its beauty for me to behold a piece at a time. I ran my fingers through your long red hair, which had spread all across the bed, and traced the shadows running down the length of your slumbering form. My hands reached your breasts, barely concealed by the thin, smooth fabric of the sheets and I swam in the warmth of your skin. As I continued to caress you, I could feel your nipples harden beneath my touch so I continued to knead and gently rub them until they stood at full attention, piercing the smoothness of the covers. You inhaled suddenly, taking in a deep breath and rolled over to face me with a smile. Your eyes still closed, you touched my face with one hand and ran the other across my legs, reaching between them to find my gathering erection. You stroked it and smiled contentedly as you felt it flex and harden through your fingers. My own hand reciprocated the attention as I ran my fingers across your smooth mound: soft, warm, and very wet. Your hands grasped my cock and your slender fingers began to pump the shaft while my own fingers rubbed your exposed clit, simultaneously. Within moments, your body began to shudder. The closer you came, the more forcefully you pumped me. Your eyes opened suddenly and you gasped loudly, writhing beneath the sheets as your orgasm coursed through you, never once releasing your tight grip on my hardness. After relaxing for a few minutes, you kissed me sweetly on the cheek and then positioned yourself on top of me, taking hold of my cock and rubbing the head across your silky opening before finally sitting down, plunging it deep inside you. Finding your rhythm, you arched your back and growled as your hips rocked against mine. The light from the open window caused your skin to glow brilliantly, almost blinding, as if an angel was indeed pleasuring herself on top of me. Your breasts heaved and bounced as you worked your way up and down my hard shaft, pinning me down until I could barely move. You were in complete control and relishing ever moan and every sigh you had given me. With a loud groan, my own orgasm exploded, spilling deep within you until we both collapsed in each other’s arms, panting. You then whispered in my ear.

“Good morning, baby.”

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