just helping out a friend  

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just helping out a friend

This was one of those moments in time that an old man smiles about, just before he gives up the ghost. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

It was the summer of 1989 and a friend of mine had been working at the local girl scout camp. She was going to have an end of summer party for some of the counselers and invited me to stop by. She mentioned that her friend, Elise, had not been laid all summer and asked if I would be interested in taking care of her frustration.Anything to help out a friend.

I got to the party and most of the guests were out of the place early as they were all rather vanilla. Elise and I clicked almost immediately and spent most of the evening playing grab ass and feeling each other up in quiet corners. Long about midnight, Kim said she was going to bed and Elise and I decided it was to stop the games and get to it. I had her lay on the floor for a massage and slowly stripped her clothes off. she was petite, about 5'6" and she had that perfect hard body that comes from a lifetime of gymnastics and equestrian.I spread her legs for some better access and spent time running my hands from ankles to her neck, slowly, sensuously. taking my time to get to know every inch of her body and how it reacted to stimulation.

She was very into what was going on, but she was in too much of a hurry and she made a few comments that annoyed me. I decided she needed a small lesson in patience.I enjoy taking my time during sex, foreplay is extremely important, and I have never been a "wham, bam, got mine ma'am" type of guy.In short, the line had been drawn.

I stripped off and had her stand. I kissed her neck and ears, while cupping her breasts and playing with her nipples, I let my hands roam down her thighs and over her very wet mound. If any woman was ready to sin, Elise was and then some. So, I suggested we move to the couch and that she get on her knees and grab the arm of the couch with both hands. What she did not realize is that I had hidden a pair of handcuffs in the couch. I slid behind her, letting my cock just bump between her legs and I ran my hands all the way to her wrists, where I immediately handcuffed her to the couch. She was very into that idea, and even more so when I tied her ankles to the other armrest. She was secured, with her perfect ass in the air and absolutely accessible for my vile and twisted lust.

So, of course, I obliged by being achingly slow in taking her. i spent a good amount of time sliding my cock over her lips and clit and then over her ass and between her cheeks. My hands were all over her, from her tits to her clit and she was grinding back into me and moaning that she had to have me inside her now.And that was when I pulled out an icecube and a feather.

I took my time with the cube and feather in perfect tempo, a harmony of intense arousal that I would not allow to climax. Changing speeds, changing tempo, stopping completely until she was whimpering with her need. And of course, she couldn't just be nice about it, she had to get a touch bitchy.So,with a feather on her clit and an ice cube dripping cold water from the nape of her neck to between her cheeks, I brought her to the very edge, over and over again. And then, I gagged her.

I went throough Kims bedroom to have a pee and noticed that she was feigning sleep, and poorly, she had been listening to us for a couple of hours and masturbating frantically.I couldn't resist, and with the door open enough that Elise could hear us, but she could not see us as she was facing the wrong way.I just pulled the sheet off of Kim, spread her legs and got between them. She was already so wet tht I just kisssed her clit so I could hear tht perfect inhale I had known so many times before. And then, I took her, in on long slow stroke from head to balls.Kim and I spent quite a bit of time in a slow deep fuck, just as deep as possible, grinding against each othr while we kissed so long and hard it was impossible to tell who was breathing for whom.

it finally got to the point that Kim needed more and she told me to give it to her hard.

She and I pounded hard enough that the bed bounced off the wall and She practically tossed me off the bed when she came. i could see Elise and she was in agony, knowing that the fuck she could of had went to Kim because of her attitude.

I took Kim by the hand and brought her into the living room and sat her on the couch with her head against Elises little butt. I straddled her and gave her my cock to suck. Kimmy was very happy to oblige and she got a rythem going tht had all threee of us rocking and rolling. elise was crying past her gag with anger and frustration, I told Kim I was ready to come and she pulled away enough that it splattered partially on her face and partially on Elise's ass.

I was now ready to give Elise what she so desparetly wanted,but my way.I lifted Kim up and sat her on Elise's ass, and positioned her so both were perfectly accessable. I then slipped into Elise for ten stokes, long slow and deep. And then Kim. I alternated between the two, ten strokes each,slowly at first, and then faster as we all three got into the rythem.It was fantastic. Elise came at least twice and by the time I was ready, kim was laying back on her friend with her legs wrapped around my waist .It was a fantastic finish, the three of us orgasmed with in seconds of each other and we fell into a single hot and sweaty heap.

I told Elise that she was welcome to join Kim and I in bed, if she would behave herself. the rest of the night was spent playing "who's in the middle".We were still having a most happy time when the sun came up and we finally collapsed around 9 am and slept till well into the afternoon.It was one of those perfect firsts for all of us. I had my first threesome with two women, Kim had her first lesbian experiance and Elise had her first bondage experiance, all in one night.Both have moved on and Kim teaches school in California, Elise is married to a very uptight and proper man in colorado. But I still hear from her and Kimmy is one of my very best friends. And occasionally, we get togather on the phone and reminesce about that perfect night when I did a small favor for a friend.

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