The first time I ever went wild  

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The first time I ever went wild

It is said that a life can hinge on the tiniest of circumstances. One little variable changes an entire life. That is what sent me from top of the class poli sci/intelligence student to an internationally known pervert.So, with thanks to the University of Wyoming, let me regal you with the tale of Johnny Bondage.

It was September of 1983 and I was a junior at the university. It was a wonderful warm indian summer night and, since it was friday, I went to the local bar looking to get absolutely faced.The sweet young thing I managed to pick up was a surprise and a most pleasant one. So, after many rounds of drinks, we crossed the street to my dorm room for a bit of intimacy.

I surprised dear Christine by undressing her and folding her clothes and laying them over a chair, rather then just tossing them willy-nilly around the room.And the sex was good. I was not particularly experianced, but I knew enough to take my time and get to know every inch of her body and how it would respond to various stimulation. After a couple of hours of rather vanilla sex, she made a request that I had always wondered about. Remember, this was the same summer that Vanessa William's pictorial came out wearing handcuffs and a harness.

So, when chris asked if I had ever tried bondage, hey,anything to please a lady.

So, after looking around the room for various restraints, I had her tied spread eagle to the bed and I spent the next hour kissing and licking and sucking every inch of her body. This was cool, because with her ankles tied to the bedpost, I didn't catch a knee behind the ear when I found the ticklish spot.Blunt force trauma to the occipital lobe does tend to ruin the mood.So, I decided to indulge one of my favoite games and buried my nose someplace nice and wet and warm for an incredibly long time.I am so glad I learned how to breath through the top of my head.

Because when dear Chris arrived, repeatedly, I thought I was going to drown.

Now, I figured I might as well get into this, so, at one point she had her legs over my shoulders with only her wrists and feet touching the mattress and my face was buried as deep as possible. And I was taking my time, bringing her just to the point of orgasm and then, changing speed, slowing down a bit, stopping completely.I was going to bring her to a level of arousal she had never attained before.

Surpriseingly, I managed that and then some. And she was most ready for something better then just a tongue.She asked, she begged, she pleaded, she practically cried for a good hard fuck.And eventually, I decided I would oblige. But, being a bit of bastard, I asked her what she would do for me.When she said that I could do anything I wanted, not good enough, make me an offer I will not refuse.Then she offered the blowjob of a life time, she wanted me to fuck her mouth as hard as I was going to do her pussy.Nice thing to tell a virgin in kink.

So, I pulled the ropes as tight as possible, until you could hear the stretching of the fiber. She was loving it, writhing and grinding.I got between her legs and spent a bit of time teasing her, rubbing my cock over her lips and clit, just barely slipping inside and then pullling away.She cried and told me in her mouth or in her pussy, but she wanted me inside her now. So, In her mouth I went.

Let me say at this juncture that I had had only three blowjobs up to this time. And I was not prepared for this. She literally sucked me off the mattress, I has over her face and trying hard to hang on.Okay, this is good.And she had made mention of other things she enjoyed, so with a bit of trepidation, I took her hair in my hands, straddled her head as best I could and tried to make this a night we both would remember long into our 90's.And as fast as I stroked, as deep as I pounded into her greedy mouth, I could not keep up with her mouth and tongue. the suction was such I kept checking to see if the sheets were disappearing up my ass.

I warned her that I was ready to come and she sucked me even further inside her mouth and that orgasm was so incredibly powerful, so damnable intense that I had to bit into my lip to keep from screaming. And she still would not let go. She hung on and kept me so hard I thought I was going to die, and it wouldn't have been such a bad thing.

I finally had to take her, and I did, but at my pace, long, slow, deep strokes from my head just barely inside her lips to my balls trying to join the party. An excurtiating 10 count from full out to full in. She was writhing and grinding and begging for me to speed up and every minute I tried to stay slow, I kept picking up the pace.

Finally, I had her ass in my hands and I was pounding into her with all the enthusiasm a college student could have. She was going crazy, bucking and rolling and pulling at her ropes. When she finally came, she broke the ropes holding her legs and wrapped them around my back to pull me in and hold me in place. Her inner muscles throbbed in rythem and all I could do was hold on and enjoy the ride.

It was the most outrageous orgasm I have ever seen. She trembled, she convulsed, she wept. All I could do was just hang on and hope she starts breathing again soon.hate to have to explain a dead woman in my bed.She finally got to the point she could breath again and I was at a point where I could move.I did not pull out but just wrapped my arms around her, sucked a nipple in my mouth and pulled a blanket over us both, her hands still tied to the bedpost.It was nearly sunrise and we had been at it since before 10 pm. 8 hours of the best sex a 22 year old near virgin could ever ask for. Dear Penthouse.

And now, the punch line. Because of the warmth of the evening, i had closed my blinds, but neglected to close my window completely.I was in the dorms. And my next door neighbor had a periscope and a video camera.By monday morning, my escapade was all over campus, in living color.By the end of october, an ad in the school newspaper for the Johnny Bondage Hate Club, I had gotten over 500 obscene phone calls telling me to ge off campus or die, three physical attacks, and one dumb jackass who attempted to put a knife in my back early one morning, out in the parking lot. Being an olympic style fencer and a teacher of hand to hand combat, I bit his damn ear off.Let's see how quick you think at 3 am after many days of drinking.

Anyway, I left the university in early november. I got interveiwed by Rolling Stone magazine and one other publication in january, and I don't know if the article ever appeared. didn't care.But, the jobs that my professers had set up at Langley and Quantico dried up like jism on a radiator.

Fast forward to 1998 and the death of Matthew Shepherd. The editor of the school newpaper came across the article about my little problems and tracked me down.Again an interveiw and they printed this one in Frontiers magazine at the University in the spring of 1999. The president of the college canceled the funding for Frontiers and shut it down.So much for freedom of the press.

One open window changed so much. But, in retrospect, I doubt I would have done anything different. Because it opened a world to me I had thought about, but never had the courage to actually enter. Instead, I got the sink or swim method and I beleive I have acquitted myself with honor.I have made custom cat of nine tails for certain select lovers and even after 20 years, I still get letters and cards from women I have not been in the same room with since Reagan was president.I must have been doing something right.

This is my story. Take it for what it is. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the smallest of steps.My journey continues. Who would care to travel along?

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