In spring a young man  

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4/4/2006 1:35 am

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In spring a young man

I see that we have a wonderful selection of new people from wyoming on this site.I welcome all the lovely ladies who have decided to post on this site. Now that spring is here, I am sure that activities will arise that will make it possible to meet a number of you. If I can ever get out from under the dometication mode I hve been in all winter.

Ah, spring,when a young man's fancy turns to love and an old man's fancy turns to debauchery.(Have some medeira, m'dear?) I have to stop reading those damned old books, they influence everything i do.

Anyhow,just to let everybody know that bedlemprime is still about, but having just loads of fun dealing with the life. Very soon, however, I shall escape my winter prison and run wild through the warm nights.So,get those cattle prods out.Nothing else will even slow me down.

Here is to a summer of fun.
Here's to the friends we love the best,
we love them best when they're undressed.
We love them standing, sitting,lieing
If they had wings, we'd love them flying.
After they are dead and long forgotten,
We'll dig them up and love'em rotten.

(in memory to a long dead friend. This was the only bit of verse she knew and she recited it often.How I miss her.)

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