living room fun (fun story) ;)  

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8/16/2006 10:56 pm

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living room fun (fun story) ;)

The door slams behind us hitting the wall and the heavy breathing between is us all we can hear. You push me hard against the wall stealing my breath away and it thrills me even more. I can feel your hands moving up the sides of my ribs up to my tits and my nipples harden even more and your breath on my neck stirs my blood. Your whole body leans against mine and I can feel every inch of you body. You kiss your way down my neck to where my shirt ends in a v-shape and growl for the material is in the way. You quickly discard my shirt and lean back and pull me towards you and we kiss our way toward the living room couch. Your hands rub down my back and they start playing with my waist band, your hand slips down my pants and you feel my thong. Your smile lights up and your hand runs around my waist to my stomach and I flinch with delight from your fingertips on my lower abdomen. Your hand slowly opens up my top button on my jeans and you look up and your eyes are glowing and you lean forward and place you lips on mine and our tongues start to explore each other’s mouths. My hands roam up your shirt and start to tug on the ends lifting it up above you head and off. Your shoulder muscles clinch with need dragging me forward with your need to share body contact. As we are nibbling each other and tasting each other one hand drifts toward a nipple playing and tugging on it and another goes down toward my zipper and slowly pulls it down and then you kiss down from my mouth leaving me reeling. You kiss downwards just stopping above the lace in my panty line. Your tongue circles under the line and above making me shiver and moan from want. You bring your hands on to my hips and slowly go down my curves pulling the flimsy lace down as you lower your hands. You kiss my thigh and start roaming upwards and stop on the way, at my breasts to give them a little more consideration. Then you move back up and pull me up and onto your hips as I wrap my legs around you and you carry me to the couch and slowly lay me down. Your lips touch my neck and than you bring your attention back to my lips and mouth as your hand drifts down my belly and into my lower lips were you proceed to play a delicate song of pleasure from my body. I finally erupt with pleasure and as I am settling down you lean forward and than slowly enter me, I can feel everything, making the wait all the more unbearable as you tease me. Your thrusts are slow at first and easy until you are to far gone to care any more. Your thrusts at last become hard and fast. You feel your self release and you get me to go with you by biting my nipple and reaching down once more to play. We are both spent and are in our after glows from release. The only sound in the room is our heavy breathing and the sounds of our slowing pulse. After a while we are back to normal and I start to get up and then you pull me down putting your lips on my breasts, and I feel you, making sure you are more than ready to go again and I lean forward and start on another round.

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8/16/2006 11:56 pm

Hot, I like, very cool. Go on.

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