"...with tremulous cadence slow..."  

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9/8/2006 8:40 am
"...with tremulous cadence slow..."

I belong to a few of these sites. I suspect I waste my money by increasing my chances of meeting the same women by different handles. One of the things that happened as a result of this is that I have found that one site(which I don't care to name)seems more of a clearing house for escorts( a kind description). I keep getting one line emails from women who are 23 or 24, nude or half nude in the obligatory photo, and want my cock, or some such verbiage. At first (I am sometimes great of heart and slow to suspect)I would write back and point out that there seemed to be a mistake--I was 58, married and lived in CT. Surely in the vast, limitless pool of NYC--where all these emails originated--there would be a better match. A reply would swiftly follow--"I don't care, I just want you to fuck me till I drool" or something like that.

Coleridge speaks of something he calls "the willing suspension of disbelief." It is the frame of mind we need to be able to read fiction and enjoy it. I couldn't quite muster that in the case of these letters. Many of the photos, photos of gorgeous women, albeit often splayed wide, or masturbating, just went beyond the pale. And for now, these emails seem to emanate from only that one site--not, I should say--this one. Most of the people who post to this site seem to be doing it for reasons other than commercial--though actually meeting someone is not likely always the principal goal.

Let me emphasize, I don't really mind. In the first place, my visual cortex is infinitely gratified by the photo of young women with shaved pussies, firm, high breasts, and gazes like Manet's "Olympia" who so scandalized mid-19th Century Paris by lying in naked splendor but having the brass to stare back at the viewer as he looked at her. I always thank them for the photo. My mother taught me manners. I also believe that responses they receive probably fall into just a few categories--some, like me, aren't fooled(though Mencken observed that no one ever went broke underestimating American intelligence). Some probably actually pursue the bait and pay, and end up happily getting whatever they paid for. A few may end up sad and disillusioned. A fool and his money..., observed Barnum. Warning: unrelated digression--Barnum also developed the city of Bridgeport, Ct as a sort of new Utopia. He did a better job of INTENTIONALLY fleeting suckers--what an "Anus mundi!!"

As to my quest for sex. Thank you for asking. These things are like gardening or fishing. They have their own rhythm and rushing them is like slapping the water to wake up the fish or digging up the seedling to see how it's doing. I am corresponding with a few women. Some of them are interesting, and may end up meeting me. I am in no hurry, as I said earlier, I really do want to meet someone I will LIKE and be excited about knowing. I am not going to settle for just hot sex. (well, maybe a one-off thing if it comes along, but I doubt it) Several of the women are really interesting, traveled, literate, slim, and as the French say, of a certain age. "I have prospects, Copperfield, prospects" as Micawber claimed.

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