January 2 2006  

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January 2 2006

Today is the first day back to work and her eI sit surfin gon AdultFriendFinder to see what happened while I was away to blast out 2005 and bring in 2006.

I've received two messages, 9 invites, and 4 winks.

I'll be responding to one of the messages but not the other, as that does not fit what I want right now, and besides the person was too far away to start something right now.... that is unless they are willing to foot out the cost to get to their local or for them to come here to me.

This year I am "Pinching" every cent for all the value I can get out of it before spending a dime.

Hopefully this year I will get some debt reduced and closer to my 2010 goal (this is when the car is paid off). So it is time to cut back on those trips (there are lots of local opportunities that I can enjoy without the financial cost).

Uncle Mastercard and Aunt Visa are on my list to wipe out.... They are hurting me worser that the Grandfather..... at least he is still willing to give me more $$$, as for Uncle SAM... that is yet to be seen on April 15th (but I bet I'll be owing him too just like clockwork)....

Hi ho hi ho off to work I go for Uncle SAM... for the next four months and the it'll be Uncle Mastercard knocking on my door for the rest of the year.

Oh well so far the year is going at a good pace... I'm getting where I need to be in good time, and the day is progressing a little slower than 2005, but that is good.... I want to stop and smell the girls for a while

Well this year is going to be interesting and I hope to post as often as possible of my 2006

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