The Meeting.....a story  

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The Meeting.....a story

She looked familiar, but not in the way one thinks. She had that certain look about her, the smile of a school teacher, and the walk of a cheerleader. Her auburn hair flowed as she walked, her ass moved just enough to make everyone watch her . The plaid skirt swooshed just above her knees. Her white blouse unbuttoned to the point her breasts hinted at exposure but not enough to make her feel cheap. She had a way of looking at you with her glasses just resting on her nose. She was a vision. And for Steve, she was all he could think about. She always semed to walk past his room at the precise time he was bent over looking for some files.

One day, she stopped, "You need any help?", she whispered. "Not really, this damn project I'm working on has me pulling my hair out." they had collaborated on projects before, but this time Steve was all alone. She had managed to miss that staff meeting and now he was out there floundering. "What does the old man have you doing this time?". "Tomorrow he meets with the division heads to start plans for the release of the new system." "Since you convenietly missed that meeting, I have to come up with a marketing strategy that will make me look as good as you do right now.", he smiled. She playfully teased her hair as Steve talked. "Why don't you come by my office after lunch, I'll look at what you have so far, and see if my ideas will help you over this crisis." "After all Steve, you can't do anything without my fingers in it anyway," she flirted. Steve was well aware of what she meant, the last project together, Steve was at a block, rubbing his temples to magically make his brain work faster, he looked up and there she was on the couch, legs spread wide masterbating in front of him. He stood up almost like a robot as if some power was moving him along, as he approached her, she looked up over those damn sexy glasses as said, "You can't touch, but this might help you to focus on the project at hand." "Focus?", he thought, "I can't think of anything but you." Steve agreed to swing by later.

Her office is a pale blue, with Disney figurines all over the place, but tastefully done. Steve entered slowly, peeking around the door....nothing. Just a single lamp on the file cabinet. The warm glow of that lamp cast a soft seductive aura, but she was convenietly missing. "Damn it!!", he said. "Another fucking let down. That little bitch is always doing this." As he turned to leave, he felt a shove against his back. "don't even think of turning around," the voice commanded. "Just shut the fuck up and move back into the office." Steve didn't recognize this womans voice. But since he didn't know what to expect he listened and moved into the office...again. Once inside, he felt the breath on his neck, suddenly a tie was wrapped around his head and covered his eyes. Now it was pitch black. Someone slapped his face,, "On your knees dick!!!" the mystery voice ordered. Steve was not very happy....he was terrified!!!

"What should we do with him?", this voice Steve knew. "the little bitch", he thought. "Well, he is here and we are horny", the mystery woman stated powerfully. Then the bitch said, "tie him up to my desk". Steve was fuming. here he was, ready to finish this project that is due in the morning, and she's playing fucking games. After he was secured to the desk...he really was, he tried to get free, the powerful one slapped him and said, "Listen up, cockhead, we're really not in the mood for your shit so pay close attention" Suddenly Steve heard to unique sound of nylon zippers. The soft moan was louder than anythin else in the room. Then he heard the distinct sound of kisses, soft sensual kisses. "are you paying attention asshole?", "Answer me!" "Yes ma'am I am". "what are we doing then?" . "Kissing, I suspect", Steve mused. "Very good, perhaps you'd like to tell us what to do next", the little bitch chimed in. "Untie me and take off this fucking blindfold and I'll show you." "Shut the fuck up asshole", "Just tell us or we'll make you hurt".

Steve had been beat, there wasn't anything he could do but play along. "Kiss her breasts softly, roll your tongue around her nipples until she quivers". The moaning was much more intense now. "After she's really squirming, slide your hand between her legs and gently tease her clit.", he ordered. "Yes!!!" the little bitch moaned. "Now, slip your finger deep into her asshole, and start to lick her pussy". "Oh, my god" was all Steve heard before he was forced to the ground, his pants unbuttoned and pulled free of his waist. He was hard...not real hard but just enough to make his cock leak and throb at the same time.

Instantly he felt the warmth of a mouth on his ready cock. Then he sensed someone standing over him, he felt the tickle of pubic hair brush against his nose. "Lick my pussy" the power monger ordered. Steve willing rolled his tongue along both sides of her swollen hard clit. His cock was being treated to an exquisite tongue bath. He heard more kissing and then felt the pressure of a very wet pussy slide down his cock. All the while his tongue is slipping and sliding along the swollen lips of one of the captors. Everyones breathing increased, scream of passion and smeels of lust filled the office. Spasms of cum worked up his cock, pussy juice running down his face. "I'm coming!!!!!", was all Steve needed to hear. He erupted in multiple spasms.

As they all recovered, the blind fold was removed and laying next to Steve was one of the division heads. "We've already worked your project", pointing to his coworker. "We just needed you to think it was totally lost and we wanted you to remember today", his friend chimed in. "Well, rest assured, I will NEVER forget today."

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