Anatomy of a Kiss!  

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3/18/2006 10:31 am

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Anatomy of a Kiss!

I caress your hair, running my fingers through your locks and down to your neck. I gently guide your head towards mine all the while focusing on your clear bright eyes. As our lips converge ours eyes close and the sensation of touch takes over. Our lips brush against each other barely touching like a soft feather tickling your lips.

I press my lips to yours with slightly more pressure now. Not hard, still barely touching but slowly pushing my lips to yours. Very lightly my tongue caresses your lips. Around and over the outside as if beginning a delicate massage. My tongue finds the space between your lips gently feeling for your tongue. Now your tongue gently meets mine in a sweet intimate moment. Our tongues just lightly caress each others neither one moving too deep yet. Each of us is reacting to the other.

As my tongue moves slightly forward yours moves forward to meet it. Your lips open to invite deeper kisses as your tongue moves to discover all the surfaces of mine. The tempo begins to quicken along with our breathing. I slowly move my tongue around the inside of your soft sensual lips as you reciprocate doing the same to me. Our bodies begin to move closer and closer as the passion of the kiss begins to build and move through our torsos. Our bodies press together harder as our lips press together harder. I continue to massage your lips with my tongue and enjoy the sensuous feeling of your tongue and lips connecting with mine.

I kiss your lower lip while you kiss my upper lip, and then we switch. All the while our tongues continue to caress each others mouths. Our kisses take on a firm and consistent pressure but with a yielding softness.

As we continue our long slow passionate kissing I put my hands behind your neck and begin lightly massaging the back of your neck. I begin to Caress your face with my fingertips. All the while we continue the passionate kiss changing rhythm faster then slower then faster then slower our tongues, darting in and out of each other mouths. I gently suck on your tongue and then kiss your upper lip with tongue and lips. Alternately I move to your lower lip as my mouth and tongue gently caresses yours.

I open my eyes an look deeply into yours as we finally move our lips apart ever so slowly. I kiss you on the lips lightly without any tongue and then move my lips to your neck. I kiss your neck with my lips and tongue and continue to kiss your neck as I move upwards back toward your mouth once again. Again I look deeply into your eyes as we anticipate the next kiss...........

redrobin012057 59F

4/1/2006 3:06 pm


You are a very sensuous man,I didn't think a kiss could be so well defined.Kiss me!!!

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