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9/3/2005 11:03 am

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In The Begining

I know a lot of people that get a new story or book & the first thing they do is check the last few pages to see how it ends. Me, I want to start at the jery begining. Or the prolog if it has one.

So it starts... I was born at a very young age...

No, not that far back!

OK. First experiences. Everyone has to start someplace. Everyone has a first experience. Mine was when I was about 6 or 7 years old.

My parents had to go someplace, bowling, somekind of meeting, I don't know. But I had to stay home. They had hired a babysitter, a friend of my brother from high school. I don't remember if he had sat with me before or this was the first time. Anyway, everything was fine until I went to bed. I had gone to sleep & remember coming out of sleep because of the feelings I was having. It felt real warm between my legs. It did feel good. I layed there enjoying the feeling & realized that someone had my little cock in their hot mouth. It was the babysitter. He sucked for a while as I layed there playing like I was asleep. When he got through he covered me up & left. I rolled over & went back to sleep. I never said anything about it to anyone.

The next time he babysat me, I don't remember thinking about it at all. But I do remember being awakened again with that warm feeling between my legs. I don't know how long I layed there but this time I started to be annoyed. I wanted to go back to sleep. Instead of telling him to stop, I decided to stop him another way. I could feel building pressure in my bladder, So I peed in his mouth. He stopped. Don't know how much I peed but he covered me back up & left.

I think that was the last time he sat for me, for whatever reason. But that was my first sexual experience. Don't know if that lit the proverbial fuse but not too long after that was when the desire to play Doctor & having initiations having to do with taking off clothes to get into the club & things like that started. Which led to running around with no clothes on & exhibitionism & voyeurism.

I guess everyone has to start someplace.

Where did YOU start? What brought you to where you are now?

Do you know?


9/19/2005 9:37 am

I had my begining with sex when I was about 10 years old. While I was camping with my uncle and Aunt, I went for a walk on the lake shore. I was checking out some rather tall weeds and before I knew it I was looking at my uncle taking a leek. He had also taken a stroll when he poped it out to pee. As I watched him taking care of business I could not help but want to see his manhood. As I looked on, hoping to at least see him peeing, my uncle just secured his manhood and continued his stroll. I was disapointed but I also continued my walk. Well the next night I asked my uncle if he would walk with me so that I could look for animals coming to the waters edge to drink. He agreed and away we went. As we sat on the beach waiting to see something my uncle said that he would be right back 'cause he had to releave himself. I said that I thought I heard something coming to drink so my uncle whiped it out right there and did his busness. I seen it all and I enjoyed seeing it all. My uncle happened to look down in my direction and he seen me checking out his manhood. "You like what you see Son'? my uncle asked. I did not know that to say so I said nothing just then. Later on I told him that I had never seen another persons privates and that I had never seen one as big as his. He just told me that it does get bigger and that maybe sometime he would let me see it get bigger. All the time he was talking to me he stroked his manhood, allowing me to really check him out. It was the next night that he and I went out for a walk. " I have to stop and take a leak son" and without another word he whips it out and takes care of business. he looks over in my direction again and finds me taking it all in. "Come over here son." "For what?" I ask. "So you can really see it when it gets bigger." he tells me. So I got closer to him. He started to play with himself and it started to get big.'Here son. You rub it for me." I had to admit that I had wanted to touch his meat for a couple of nights so I reached over and touched his manhood. "Hold it in your hand son." And I did as I was told. Before long I seen that there was something wet on the end of his meat. "You like doing that?" He asked. "Sort of." I answered. I rubbed him a while longer and then he tells me to kiss him on the end of his meat. I know that there was a wet bubble of something there and I was not sure if I should kiss him at all. But I did and before long he was in my mouth for the first of many times. I always went camping with my uncle and I loved every minute of our time together.

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