Fantasy 02  

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11/13/2005 9:53 pm

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Fantasy 02

We were almost moved. A couple of more days & it would all be done. It was after 11PM & I had to take our dog for a last walk before bed. Although I was tired & had a couple of aches & pains I was also very horny. Playing with the webcam & watching the broadcasts had lift me feeling great but I hadn't cum yet.

Hello stranger! I heard a voice from the shadows call.

No stranger than normal! I answerd back.

Though we'd been neighbors for years, we had only been talking to each other for about 6 months.
She turned the patio light on so we weren't in the dark anymore. We talked about what was going on for a few minutes & then the conversation dragged to a stop. She told me that she would miss seeing me & talking to me. I told her the same. After a moment, she excused herself & went back thru the sliding glass door into her bedroom.

About this time I raised my leg to the top of the a/c condenser by the patio hall. It made it very easy to casually rest my arm on my leg while my hand continues to stroke my cock under my shorts. She had always attracted me but although we had talked on many subjects, Sex realy hadn't been part of them as yet.

She returned to the patio & almost immediately dropped something on the ground. She turned around, bent over to pick up whathver she had dropped. There, staring me in the face, was a beautiful shaved pussy. She had been wearing a t-shirt type of nightgown & bent over as she was it made a gorgeous sight. The cock in my hand was suddenly rock hard.

Showing me the joint she had picked up, she asked if I wanted to share. Of course, I replyed. After a few hits I remarked that even the aches in my back felt better. On that note, she insisted that I let her rub my back.....she knew how to make it feel better.

Before I knew it, I was walking thru her front door. As she stood there probing my back asking where it hurt, I could see her eyes on the bulge of my hard cock sticking out against my thin shorts. She had me lay down on a comfortable pad or throw on the living room floor. As she rubbed & stroked my back she moved from position to position around me. When she was working on my upper back from the sides I had another view of her smooth pussy. In a few minutes time, she seemed to be only covered by a t-shirt not a nightgown, a beautiful sight.

While working on my lower back, she started working lower & lower down. Messaging my butt cheeks, then my thighs & then my inner thighs, finding what she was searching for, my hard cock.
Rolling me over to get better access, she pulled my shorts down & gobbled it down as fast as she could get it in her mouth. My hand was between her legs playing with her clit & fingering her very wet pussy.

It didn't take long for her to straddle my head. Forcing her pussy in & on my face. My mouth sucked & my tongue licked her clit & lips. My fingers probed inside her pussy and then I worked my way to her ass. First I started with 1 finger then 2 & finally 3 fingers were slidding in & out her ass while I sucked her clit & fucked her with my tongue.

That's when she desided to return the pleasure. My asshole was still slick from my webcam playing, so her fingers slid right into place when she started playing with my ass. Soon we both had 3 fingers in our asses. God, it felt great! My face was covered with cum From her climaxes, it tasted great.

Reluctantly, she got up, saying she'd be back in a minute. When she returned she was caring a long black dildo in a strapon harness. This is for later, she said. Kneeling over me she impales herself on my cock, throwing off the nightgown completely. She came several times more before she seemed to tire.

She asked about my ass, how slippery it was & how much I liked her fingering. I told her I was bi & loved it both ways. She told me she was glad & she had a surprise for me. As if on cue, there was a man standing there watching us.

Here I was laying on the floor with this woman sitting on my cock & her husband is standing there watching us. I'm releaved to learn that he has been in the other room all the time & is ready to join us for some fun. It started with her laying on her back & me eating her pussy while the husband fucked my ass. It went thru several combinations ending with me sucking his cock while she fucked me with the strapon.

Is'nt that the way it seems to go? Just when you find something you really like, you have to move on.

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