ohhh i do have my exceptions  

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1/12/2006 1:29 pm

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ohhh i do have my exceptions

wow! I didn't think I could write so bitchingly well but I guess i can.

That was a sexually frustrated me.

Currently i'm sitting here very well satisfied
I have been making time to sneak away from my now swinging 12 hour shifts, and losing sleep, to keep my old fuck buddies happy.
Two of the above mentioned FB's, i never wanted to see again. I sound mean don't I? but I have my reasons.

RYAN could be a replacement and an exception. and i hear the days inn in dahlonega is nice.


uniform? bonus points
under 24? bonus points (bring proof your over 18 - i'm not your jail house kinda girl)
Next email read like this

>>I am staying in the Norcross area for the next few months.
Looking for a woman that loves to fuck.

No head games.

When can we get together.

I have my own place, so we can fuck anytime you want. <<<

OK DUMBASS. NORCROSS IS NOT GAINESVILLE. YOU ARE MORE THAN 20 MILES AWAY. QUIT EMAILING ME. I honestly think after the first 20 emails with no reply you would give up. But I guess I have to get mean.

next email.

piercings are hot!!
gainesvillian is bonus bonus bonus
what was that saying something is crunchy and good with ketchup. dragons maybe. lol.

next 5 emails.


from now on out of country emails will be deleted on sight.

now time to go play head bitch at work

damn i needa soldier.
damn damn damn.

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