For My Future Fuck Buddies  

bbwslut4u2fuck 41F
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3/9/2006 11:53 pm

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3/10/2006 3:47 pm

For My Future Fuck Buddies

Could you be any more unoriginal?
I am so tired of reading this on profiles..

"Commitment-wise, I just want a secret no-strings fling that gives us both what we're missing. Sexually, I'm pretty open to a "friends with benefits" situation. When I'm at home alone, a lot of personal projects and hobbies keep me occupied. I'm in the mood for good times on the side. I look forward to seeing where this leads us. I'm not changing my life, I'm just trying to make it more interesting. Feel free to drop me a line only if you're looking for some discreet fun with no strings attached. "

Well NO shit!! Really? Hmmm.

I would like to find a man who doesn't have to plagiarize on thier profile to get thier point across. A man who can think for himself. A man with personality, wit, charm and charisma, and who can display those virtues in his writing or speaking habits. A man who went past the 11th grade in school and regularly uses punctuation when communicating online. A man who understands I am not looking for a commitment of any kind other than ongoing secret fuck buddy. A man who is trustworthy and can keep a secret. A man who doesn't play games and can tell it like it is. A man who has a backbone. (I hate a pussy.) A MAN WHO DOESN'T TYPE IN ALL CAPS. I am not blind, nor do I like reading all caps. I instantly hit delete on those emails.

Write your own shit, and quit wondering why us women aren't interested in you. A bland profile doesn't get a reply from me.

ih8usrnames 40M

3/10/2006 12:08 am

Welcome home. Youve found your man lol

bbwslut4u2fuck 41F

3/10/2006 2:34 pm

Mz - I hate those standard letters too. What is it about men thinking we'll be impressed with something that reads like a standard letter? Just because the lil head is hard and throbbing is no excuse to be inflicted with dumbassitis people.

DumbAssitis (pronounced dum-ass-eye-tiss)

bbwslut4u2fuck 41F

3/10/2006 2:36 pm

ih8 - oh thats wonderful, your just 4000 some odd miles away
I enjoy reading your blog, but you need to update sometime soon darlin'

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