another day another 50cents  

bbwbirdie 50F
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11/5/2005 11:18 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

another day another 50cents

Well sitting here in my towel, dreading getting ready for work. Hoping to run into someone at finish what we started. If not tonight next week. Life is on a fast track to nowhere but maybe there is something in nowhere. Never sure anymore. Have to decide what to do...piss or get off the pot as the saying goes.
Looking for something but not going to get it so settle for what I can get now. And going to settle on the hot guy with the thick cock for now!!! Damn he is good...pussy aching good...not a bad kisser. Beats the hell out of ho hum sex with my step away from zzzz thrilling its hard to stay awake.
May as well get some clothes on and see what the day/evening brings. Hot sex with hot guys or cold stares from grumpy customers.

bbwbirdie 50F

11/7/2005 3:40 am

hmmmmmmm come closer...refresh me

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