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10/2/2005 4:54 pm

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venus and mars

The more I know about men the less I understand about them and the less I understand about me.

The penny dropped on New year's Day 2004 aged 43, no sex for 7 years...something's got to change. And change it did...a learning curve of Pepsi Max proportions. No strings, no emotions, a few blush-worthy mistakes, plenty of gusset-soaking revelations, even some good friendships....then the bolt from the blue...a relationship. And it's been 10 months now and he's gorgeous and I fancy the pants off him and he makes me laugh and...and...and...I'm more frustrated and confused now than I was on 1/1/04.

Ok, I think I get the thing about 'space', needing his own, that is, and I know that the 40 somthing male appendage tends to refuse to play from time to time. And he's not promised to be faithful so i shouldn't expect him to but when the evidence piles up my innards start to churn.

SO if he wants ot get away from me for 2 or 3 days at a time, his cock won't stand up to greet me and there's sexy texts on his phone (ok I shouldn't have peeped) and his car's not at home when he says he is...why does he stay with me? Why does he text me from work, ring me during the day, make plans with me, tell me I'm gorgeous, snuggle up with me? It ain't to get sex out of me cos I'm flippin gagging for it and getting none!

Ah well...obvoiusly some more learning to be done yet.

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